Infinity 11 Years ago

Its crazy! The initial planetary engine is alreay 12 years old!!!

This is from 2003:

More about it here:

What milestones happened to this project since then?


Wow, nice find! It’s a reminder of the old website and makes me feel all warm and fuzzy. :stuck_out_tongue: But it’s actually a great reminder of how far Infinity has come.

I’m not so sure about the milestones because my memory is shocking and my technical understanding limited, but I do remember the blog posts of old talking about various terrain generation and atmospheric lighting techniques. These would likely be two of the things that have developed a long way.

Also, gravity (anyone else remember that video of spheres bouncing down a mountainside?)… and I guess the ICP was a pretty big milestone!

If you really want to see the journey, all Flavien’s journal posts are still on

Hopefully he has volumetric clouds done by now :wink:

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All along I thought his journey began in 2005. I suppose the reason I believed so was because the original forums were created during that year.

Yea, and I think Flavien didn’t have Infinity in mind before 2005. He was just playing around with a (procedural?) space 3d engine.

This is correct from a chronological POV. Mid to late 2005 is the actual start of work on the I-Novae engine.

Work in Progress, trying to pull in some Information and visualize …

##Infinity and I-Novae

Collection of Information:

  • Twitter

Flavien Brebion’s Twitter
Keith Newton’s Twitter
Daniel Hutchings’s Twitter

  • Blogs/Journals

Flavien Brebions Gamedev Journal Entries - Compact View
Infinity-Universe “Recent News” - Pre Hack
Current I-Novae Blog

  • Other

Infinity: The Quest for Earth ModDB
I-Novae Studios Pinterest (Maintained by @Hutchings )
Daniel Hutching’s Photobucket

###Timeline (Work in Progress):

The Infinity / I-Novae Community Timeline

You can’t help, Keywoard: patienceiskey … sadly a premium feature.

oh cool! Those old journal writings.

After endless fideling I managed to create a feed out of the old Gamedev blog entries:

I’ll refine the regex later. Still some problems.

##Timelinely …



Thanks :smiley:

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That timeline deserves a new thread and/or a link in the 1st post here :slight_smile: Great job!

Thanks. :slight_smile: When It’s polished I’ll do that.

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Great timeline! Scary how 2012 is essentially blank… I remember that. :frowning: But it’s reassuring that since the various Twitter feeds have become more active in the last year or so, things have really perked up. Your timeline will get quite busy once the Kickstarter launches I imagine!

There’s a limit of 200 Entries per feed and a limit of 5 feeds per timeline. I combined all twitter feeds into one.

Still having problems with … by far the most entries are from there but they aren’t displayed correctly all the time.

Actually I tryed that… But after the forum successfully prevented me from doing this for more than 5 minutes I gave up that time and left the win to the forum. GJ

Based on the images on that site in the OP, I say alpha in 1-2 years, oh wait that was '005 :wink:

Back then that screenshot was amazing. The year before crysis came out, and two years before anyone could run it. :o