I-Novae: Engine Screenshot Thread!

They’re hanging in the air, just like bricks don’t.


I was thinking “space wales”.

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Time to break out some poetry…

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Which ones? The three capital class, or the fifteen or so smaller fighters around them?

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How do we know this isn’t a sunrise?!?!

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Alright, that is just beautiful.

I can already picture a fleet vs fleet battle in the atmosphere with this backdrop for a trailer.


Both. :wink:

If given the choice between the two, I’d go for the big ones first.

There’s something vaguely disconcerting about looking forward to spaceship fleet battles… in atmospheres.

I was thinking how cool it would be to be a dropship pilot. Launch from a logistics destroyer in space while protected by capitals locked in a fleet engagement, quickly race down to the planet with other dropships and small ship escorts while small enemy ships attempt to engage us, finally facing the target city’s atmospheric defenses, and ultimately land at the city to deliver troops and supplies.

Then back up for another run. Now that would make for a video.

Those ships in Hutching’s shot? That’s just a Victory Day parade for the citizens.

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. . . Rrriiiiiight after they get finished pounding the crap out of that city just out of frame. :triumph:

Well, realistically speaking those massive ships are unlikely to survive the atmospheric entry process.

I was just thinking how cool it would be to have a massive battle against such a backdrop. It would be a nice change to all the space battles that are going to take place.

And with Infinity not being just a space game, it’s not beyond the realm of possibility.

As some have pointed out, the ships are missing an important detail, indication of thrust / direction, here’s an update.

At some point I moved / adjusted the sun a bit, so the overall colour is a little different, but I prefer this one just the same. :smile:


If the ships have reactionless engines that can run up to light-speed at several G worth of acceleration, and if their directional thrusters can perform at least one g of acceleration, there’s no reason why that statement would be true.

They’d easily be able to match the planet’s rotation speed above the atmosphere and then lower themselves down into it at walking speed… (Although a few hundred miles an hour would be just fine too.) You don’t burst into flames from atmospheric compression when you walk to the local shops, and down near sea-level is the thickest and most-dangerous part of the atmosphere for that sort of thing!. :stuck_out_tongue:

Edit Just saw the above post. HOLY CATS those things are kicking out a lot of engine exhaust for an atmospheric flight! Clean-burning too :slight_smile:


It’s not even Sunday! Way to go, Hutchings! :wink:

Judging from the boxy nature of the larger ships, I’d speculate a barge, probably S in origin, possibly a carrier. Those smaller craft look corvette sized.

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Well, those are some assumptions on the level of warp drives.
Let’s not have this game turned into pure fiction.

Which I’m pretty sure that ships in Infinity are supposed to have.

Speak for yourself.

Naiba’s numbers are probably very conservative. I assume accelerations of millions of g’s, with a top speed of 50c.

The new image suggests to me that the ships are flying like missiles at a couple Mach - using significant rear thrust to push through the atmosphere at high speed with a slight up angle, relying on body lift to stay aloft. That’s because there are no visible lift thrusters, yet the rear thrusters are bright. Perhaps the ships are accelerating to leave the planet.

If you want to suggest ships that are flying along gracefully at a fixed altitude and speed, I’d reduce or eliminate the visible rear thrusters and put in obvious lift thrusters. They’re the ones that are keeping the spaceships from falling into the ocean.

Alternately, we could stop depicting rocket motors for spaceships that don’t consume fuel, are larger than an aircraft carrier and move at multiples of c.

I’m not entirely certain about what you mean here, but for a ship to match the rotation of a planet while being within its atmosphere, the planet would have to be rotating at ridiculous speeds. I’m interpreting your comment as if a ship inserts itself into a bit of a synchronous orbit above the atmosphere. Realistically, injecting yourself into a synchronous orbit will result in you most likely being too far away for as graceful a landing as you suggest.

For a society capable of what the civilizations in Infinity seem to be, it wouldn’t be that hard to maintain a geosynchronous orbit at low- or suborbital altitudes. Without fuel constraints, there’s nothing stopping a ship from simply hovering.

Alright then, I understand what he means by it now. But at that point, why should we be discussing the way large ships held together during high speed atmospheric re-entry, if we can assume that they are technologically advanced enough to not worry about the heat?

You’ll have to ask @s_tambo, xe’s the one that brought it up.