I don't feel excited about this game atm

here is a list of things i need to happen before i will return to this game

  1. the leading aiming cross hair has got to go

  2. when i am in direct flight mode it be more nicer if my steering could be more faster so i can aim with my fixed cross hair better when i am in cockpit mode

  3. it be nice to see a npc store for upgrades on gear so i know how much they cost so i know what to look forward to later down the road

  4. in a heavy target rich environment under 400 units of energy to drain a npc shield is just not enough * i mean sure even with the leading aiming cross hair it still takes lots of shots because not all of your shots are going to connect* if you must do a point usage system for this idea i say 1 million units/points would be a good point to start off with

  5. hope to see a slower firing weapon concept but faster muzzle velocity with a more powerful punch idea for both the shield draining and hull damaging types

enjoy the free 60 USD




Maybe once the module system is implemented you can switch out the targeting module and play by estimating your shots. Otherwise I don’t think there are many people that would prefer your ideas over the current system. It’s already considered a niche game by some people, I am not sure how nichie it could get.

Ship upgrades, more weapons etc… will be available in the coming months.

As for disabling the lead target indicators, it would be possible to add an option to toggle it off. However it’d make aiming more difficult. You can already emulate it by disabling the HUD with F3 and see how it plays. But I agree with Playbenni that that it wouldn’t be beginner friendly. However, it could be interesting to add more deadly weapons that do not have a lead indicator, meaning it’d take real skills but the reward would be worth it. So it wouldn’t be a global toggle, but something that is per-weapon. We’ll see how it goes when we implement more weapon types later on.

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Or shoot a non selected target.

turning the hud off is a good idea can this be done with out losing everything else in the cockpit?

you must have not read there tos for the forms if your here to be a jerk rather then trying to be part of this thread your here just wasting everyone’s else’s time

you don’t think your the only video gamer here do you?

Turn rate depends on which ship you’re flying. If you’re in direct control mode, you will be limited by that quite heavily. Relative control mode is easier in a lot of ways which is why it was introduced. This is not a twitchy shooter. The interceptor turns pretty rapidly already, but we don’t want it to get much faster or you’d be able to permanently keep enemies in view no matter where they fly, just by spinning.

Unnecessary aggression? Chill, we’re nice here!

@InovaeFlavien Actually, now it’s been suggested, I really like the idea of taking away the lead indicator. Perhaps it could be included for new players on a time limit, or number of kills etc, then disappears. It would encourage you to look more carefully at where the enemy is flying instead of just tracking an icon. Obviously it would take some rebalancing of weapons and NPC accuracy, but I think it could feel pretty awesome.

Or, as you just said, have some weapons with “Active Tracking Guidance” that are easier to use but weaker. Stronger weapons don’t have it. But I kinda like the idea of nobody having it, just to see how it feels.

For future reference, before calling other people jerks, consider the tone of your own posts.

Your original post comes across as a list of demands, made to an indie developer that barely hit its crowdfunding targets. Fortunately, Flavien is a cool dude and took your post in good faith. You’ve been on these forums for ~1 hour and have made a grand total of three posts, the first of which was basically a demand for features. Yes, matt could have been more constructive with his reply, but he’s also been following this project for 10 years. So just chill, yeah?


For future reference, it helps to explain suggestions you have. For example, why do you want the lead pip to go? What would you replace it with? How would you handle ships hitting other ships in high speed combat?

Is “one million units/points of energy is a good starting point” even a real suggestion?

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i make you deal you pay 60 usd for my account and i won’t say another word about calling others jerks until then with in reason i say what i want because 60 usd came out of my own pocket

and i thought i said needed because i could have said it another way being mean

and i don’t care what matt has done or where he has been because thats in the past and its been said and done with what matters is here and now and later down the road i judge matt based on his actions

now if you don’t like that i am truly sorry but i am not going to let someone come into my house aka the thread i made and tell me whats up and down thats like if i was to come busting into your house with muddy shoes lay them up on your clean couch that you paid 1,000 bucks for take a nap for a few hours wake up and then help myself to your refrigerator what ever you got in there

matt was being rude and i am one of them type of persons that won’t stand for it i am not a timid person…

ok well i tell you this much from what i was seeing when i undocked i was seeing at least 20 npc ships from red team and just even taking on one with the leading aiming cross hair could not destroy it had no way of knowing rather or not its shields was down even though lots of my shots was connecting i still did not have enough energy to work with

and for my 1,000,000 million points idea you read right the first time i did not stutter i don’t know how you don’t under stand that but thats your fault there

what lead pip you talking about never seen it

why i like the fixed cross hair system is it helps me land my shots better and this is the 1st game in a very long time that i have seen such a set up last time i was in such a concept was when i was playing the 90’s starwars games

and as for tracking where you foe goes when you have them locked i find doing a old world war 2 loop maneuver is helpful staying on there 6 through the strafing up action command i been seeing though the min i get done doing that the npc comes right back at you with guns blazing

When you target an enemy (press T) you will see the shield and hull damage % next to its name. When you shoot you will also notice that the targeting icons flash red when shots connect. I suspect that a lot of your frustrations with the game stem from the fact that there are currently no ingame tutorials.
What people took offense to was you way of complaining. First you drop a load of demands, and then you insinuate that somehow the devs took you money “for free”, which is kinda insulting since you received a product for your money.


its not like your observations are invalid. It’s good to get new player perspectives and feedback, but not because new players just instantly know how to fix the game. Usually the suggestions are bad but there’s good underlying feedback on the perceptions and new player experience.

What im getting from this is that 1. the shield and hull healthpoint indicator wasn’t obvious/clear for you, i agree that it’s kind of hard to see sometimes with it following the target and being the same color, it’s not super obvious and could be improved 2. You do not want the leading aim cross hair “removed” you just had a hard time hitting it. 3. After shooting at the lead pip, not getting a kill and running out of energy you were lost for what to do

This might be a good place for two “tutorial” or context sensetive notes/ popup helpers or tooltips.

  1. If a player is shooting at a lead pip but it’s very far away or not hitting anything, advise the player to move closer and explain hitrate is closely tied to distance in a dedicated helper popup/voice advice message

  2. when the player runs out of energy when shooting a target, advise the player that their energy will recharge if they overcharge off and wait just a little bit. Also advise that kinetic weapons dont use energy.


play sooner or later your going to learn there is not a whole lot you can say or tell me that is going to change my mind and sooner you start to under stand that the sooner you will save yourself a lot of head ach my starting post i stand by it 110%

as for the key blinding i have remapped that key so it be helpful if you could say which action

Its the target center key which selects the target closest to you crosshairs.
You will see the hull and shield % next to you enemies name, also the is a shield icon at the enemies icon which indicates the shield status.

What is clear from you post is that the starting experience is still quite frustrating. :man_shrugging:


this is the way how i look at it i paid money i have the right to say what i need with in reason its not like what i am requesting is unreasonable i did take into account what i was saying and why i was not born yesterday

as for the tutorials i enjoy the more human side of things i get better info from that and why is because i enjoy talking to other persons and get what they feel

when i was ready to take flight the very first thing i was looking for on my weapons was range i did not find it very well that would help out in so many ways to find out what my range is like something like effective firing range

and thank you for being productive to this topic at long last i had a feeling you had it in your blood

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There are 2 lead / aim reticles, one yellow, one white. They correspond to kinetics / blasters. The projectiles travel at slightly different speeds, that’s why they are separated.

It’s where you need to fire at in order to hit the moving target. Distance is of course important; the closer the target, the higher the chance of hitting. Projectiles on the Interceptor typically travel at around 1.5 Km/s so you’ll have to be within a 1 Km range to maximize your chance of hitting.

The Target’s hull and shield status appear on the left of the indicator:

It’s important to understand that blasters will destroy the shields but do no kinetic / hull damage, so even if you fire forever with them, you’ll never take the target down. Shields also recharge pretty quickly on interceptors, so if you do not do enough damage over some period of time, your shield damage will be negated and you’ll be back to square one.

Hull damage is permanent ( at least until you get repaired in a hangar or by a corvette ).

The thing which is confusing me, to be honest, is that you seem to complain that the game is too difficult ( you say your shots were connecting but you still could not kill your target ). But at the same time you’re asking to make the game even more difficult, by removing the lead target indicators and increasing shield points ? That’s kind of contradictory, so I assume there’s something I’m missing or haven’t understood correctly.


When you shoot at an enemy your lead recticles will say “out of range” if your weapons range isn’t sufficient.
Generally for sub caps anything over 3km distance will not hit, from 1,5 to 3 km you have to aim perfectly to hit and 0 to 1 kilometers is generally the range you should find yourself at to be able to hit most shots.

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