How to increase the popularity of Inovaestudios

I don’t know if anyone made these suggestions already, if not, I will.

There are some youtubers out there that are quite interested in space games like Infinity:Battlescape.
Are there any plans to contact some of the youtubers, to give them a chance to preview/show your game?
I know one who’d love to try Infinity:Battlescape if he knew this game existed. He was amazed by Elites approach of realistic scales and how good the game looks and feels.
And by the looks of it, I:B is gonig to be great.

His name is “The Mighty Jingles”, he does videos about World of tanks, War thunder, World of Warships, etc. but he also made videos about ED and SC.
He said on multiple occasions that he likes to be contacted by game developers, enjoys to try their games out and share them with his community.

For example, he managed to give the game “Fractured space” a giant boost in popularity.
If you don’t belive me, watch “Mingles with Jingles Episode 99” And listen to what he had to say about the Fractured space weekend (1:30 to 5:00 or so)
… they expected 15.000 new players on that weekend, 190.000 showed up.

In short, as soon as you get the Kickstarter Campaign going:

  1. Contact him
  2. Show him your game (give him free beta acess or something)
  3. Watch your fanbase grow by 100.000+ people over night.
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We could all chip in for a few copies of this:

Who wants to lead the Kickstarter efforts?


I think there is a distinct difference between having a free weekend on a game that is already basically done and can be bought, or a game that has to be kickstarted, in order to get a playable version out there.
Sure it would be awesome, if some people could get a beta together during the campaign, so that some youtubers can get a coverage out of it, but I doubt that the devs will, for various reasons
On a sidenote: In case the devs go for youtube coverage, they might as well get the old guard people (and then as well everyone on the forum) time-limited access to an IBS build, so that the youtuber actually have someone to play with/against. However to do this, you have to have a playable build first, and we don’t know if something like this exists yet.
Digressing even further, I would love to see an angry joe video on it, he’s always quite emotional and when he likes something a lot, he’s just smiling like a child that found out the way to world domination. Or Totalbiscuit, but good luck getting him to even notice your existence.

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I did simplify the matter of course, but i hope you get the idea.
Spreaing the knowledge about the game however, throught youtubers like the one i mentioned is a pretty good idea that should be considered.
OF course that weekend thing was different, but it was only to give an example that this guy actually has influence on the popularity of games like Fract. Space or I:B that do not have big publishers behind them.

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We’re absolutely interested in doing stuff like this once we’re ready to launch the campaign. Things are coming together nicely however we aren’t quite ready to start reaching out to the media just yet.


As always take all the time you need, we’ve been waiting so long, that it makes no difference (at least to me), if we have to wait another 2 months, or even longer. Is it plausible to hope for an announcement like “now in the process of getting into contact with media”, so that we can have a jab at trying to direct attention from certain people to this game? Or do you think it wouldn’t help at all, with there not being enough material out in the wild?

It’s undeniable that youtubers have influence, the devs only have to make sure, that they are getting youtubers whose fanbase might actually be a target audience for I:BS. So while your suggestion seems like a good choice, judging from a quick glance, youtubers like Pewdiepie probably wouldn’t really have any effect at all, as his demography seems to be into other games.

Digressing and sidequesting yet again: AH HAH! Found out how to quote.


Well my mission is accomplished, i gave you the name of a Youtuber that is going to like this game and i know that you guys already have plans when it comes to Youtube and other media. As dekaku said, take all the time you need^^

Youtubers and Twitch streamers are a certainly a good source of attention (so long as your game holds up to their scrutiny :stuck_out_tongue: )
A few names I follow that would certainly preview this game:

  • Scott Manley
  • BadNewsBaron
  • Frankie (FrankieonPCin1080p)
  • Geekdomo

I’m sure there are thousands of others ready to pick it up.


I was gonna mention Scott :stuck_out_tongue:

I also plan to spam the hell out of the KSP forums and also post as much as I can on Imgur hoping something makes it to the front page. Any and all publicity will be great at that point during the campaign.

As long as they aren’t cloud and vegetation enthusiasts I’m not worried about that ;).


Well, Scott Manley has a Masters degree in computational physics, so I guess he’s out? :stuck_out_tongue:

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The planet you see is merely occupied by primitive lichens and simple “multi-cellular” bacteria, yet to undergo significant evolutionary change. Which of course may be prevented from occurring due to the conflict about to take place in the system… and the mining operation starting up on it’s surface, aaand the seeding of alien life forms for terraforming…

And so, the bacterium will take refuge in their lichen forests, and struggle to hold onto the only planet they’ve ever known. Their scientists will attempt to explain the phenomenon as natural, the conspiracy theorists will suggest aliens are to blame, and there may even be those who will contemplate the works of a higher power…

I think that should explain the lack of vegetation well, yes?


if you put as much detail in everything as in the explaination of why there isn’t much vegetation, then I am gonig to love this game… even more.
Also, this seems like a good excu… i mean explaination :smiley:
The good thing about plant-only life is that it’s easy to model, and easy to generate procedurally^^
Well at least easier than moving animals i guess.
Anyway, I think the youtube community will not care about plants and animals as much, considering what the competing space games have to offer… no planetary landing.
“no mans sky” got lots of plants and animals, but the game got some kind of colourful cartoon style, not realistic so i don’t think you will need to worry.

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It is typically best you do that a week or two prior to the KS campaign launch. Just to build up talk around the campaign. So yeah.

I guess this is the point of view of the local bacteria and lichen… But of curiosity, all three factions will be purely humans?

Any sources that prove your point? Would really appreciate it

I was thinking about it, and I am not too sure about this being the best way (although I haven’t found ‘a best’ way myself). I think that people who watch a video that makes them want to have it, just want to go to the ks and then pledge. If they see that the kickstarter hasn’t started yet, they might go ‘meh’ and forget about it before the campaign starts. On the other hand youtubers should be given a certain leeway, to ensure that they get the chance to meddle with the game during the (probably necessary) set playdates, to gather enough video material and then produce their video. To assure that they don’t rush the video, it would make sense to agree on a date before which no videos may be released (cough cough NDA cough cough). Then again, nobody likes NDA… Another possibility that just crossed my mind would be to ensure that two videos are agreed upon. One pre-kickstarter campaign, and one that gets released the day the ks campaign starts. But I have to think more about this before I can say if this is a good or horrible idea…

Arguably Centaurans may have diversified their genome sufficiently to be a distinct race (as in the poodles and huskies sense, not the skin colour sense), but yes, all sentient lifeforms in the Infinity universe can be traced back to humans living on Earth (via… Geodesa, was it?).

Ancient alien ruins and non-sentient lifeforms may occur, but almost definitively not in I:B.

Note: Actually when I say all sentient lifeforms can be traced back to Earth, doing that retracing of steps was supposed to be the plot of the MMO’s beta (The Quest For Earth). I have no way to be sure IA hadn’t planned to end it with some plot twist that “actually you were all a synthetic species engineered on Mars, fitted with a terminator gene to self destruct after this many thousand generations”.

Sources would be nice, yeah.

My personal experience, random gossip (on major youtube channels), and a TED talk all seems to agree that the best time to do publicity is when you’re ready to take people’s money.


I think the point was that reaching out to the media a week or two before launch would give the media time to assemble and schedule their material. As opposed to getting the media spouting about the Kickstarter a couple weeks prior to the campaign. I’ve never heard of anyone doing that. Usually, it’s “Here’s something on Kickstarter that we think is newsworthy to our audience.”

Then there’s the idea that a couple weeks before the Kickstarter, I-Novae Studios will have all their materials ready to go and they can show more polished material to their media contacts.


(It should be sapient, but I know that’s a losing battle)

I wouldn’t call Centauran another race. They may have modified their genome around, but they are still pretty recognisable humans - and I’m pretty sure Biogen/non-Biogen couples aren’t sterile.
Under the widest definitions, they would be transhumans, but most people today would still consider them humans anyway, the same way someone who undergoes gene therapy today (and it works) or gets a pace maker or a prosthetic arm is still human.

Also, Biogen wasn’t exclusive to the Centauran. While it’s officially forbidden by the Deltan (there may be contraband, as well as lesser treatments allowed), it’s allowed in the SFC - which also had quite a bit of Centauran immigration IIRC, so there are probably many people using it there.
In fact, IIRC, the idea was the Star Fold, with its freer culture, had more variety. Stuff that would be frowned upon by the Centauran is OK as long as you have the money there.

I was thinking more of all Centaurans being a different race due to heavy radiation in the early years of their home planet (aka. why they went out of their way to invent biogen). I could very well be remembering the lore wrong, though.

Oh and I’m pretty sure that’s (part of) the definition of a species, not a race. Different races of dogs can still have viable offspring together. Horses and donkeys can have offspring together, but said offspring will be sterile, therefore they are separate species.