How to increase the popularity of Inovaestudios

That was my point :smile:

I am mainly looking at the game squad which started to show footage of their game back in October of 2014. The launched a KS last month or so.

My advice would be to show stuff and show it often.

I’m a bit confused now. Is that an example of what to do or what not to do?

What to do. They built up hype and a community base for the project.

Then my original post was completely the opposite of what you advocate. You want months of media exposure before a Kickstarter. That makes no sense to me. The purpose of teasing is to get the word out about a product or service. With the internet, if you’ve got anything at all, people are going to hear about it very quickly. The only reason for contacting the media is to give them some lead time. They can be talking about your product on day one of your Kickstarter.

If limited tier contributions are a big part of your campaign, then having them talk about the Kickstarter a couple days early would make more sense. Folks will want to get in on those limited tiers. Hearing about the campaign and arriving only to find all the limited spots taken might turn them off.

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Hello Games used Sony and got an exclusive in No Man’s Sky so why not appeal to Microsoft, No Man’s Sky may have quantity (planets), but its graphics pale when compared to what Infinity brings to the table. Personally I’d rather have one solar system with gorgeous graphics than an entire galaxy of PS2. If Microsoft could do for Inovae what Sony has for Hello Games, and expose this game to a broader audience then you might get funded to make the original goal of Quest for Earth, after Battlescape of course, which would be supremely epic. Microsoft might be interested at this point, since it has no real answer to Sony’s exclusive. I apologize if this has already been proposed.

I think whether or not MS would be interested in working with us will be largely determined by the outcome of our Kickstarter. Also if NMS fails in the marketplace that would likely undermine their willingness to work with a competitor even though what we’re doing is in many regards considerably different than what they’re doing.

I’ve had a number of conversations with potentially interested 3rd parties. Everybody is waiting to see what happens with our KS.


Alright, I will buy NMS on PS4, not like I planned to buy it anyway to see how well they implemented the element system and creature/plant generator.

Too bad that you can’t share a bit more info about those potentially interested 3rd parties. Oh well, time will tell…

Dumb question but what about Elite Dangerous? I heard on a certain forum, that they were probably going to announce planetary landing to the game in cologne this week… Either that or singleplayer mode / f2p / something else… no one knows.

Hehe, you mean, this forum, right? :smile:

Continuing the discussion from Elite: Dangerous:


yup , certainly did so :wink:
Reminds me that I wanted to look when they are announcing their stuff. Should be an interesting discussion in the thread then ^^

You don’t need to feel obligated to purchase it on our behalf. It will succeed or fail on its own merits as I hope Battlescape does. =)

True. They might want more game to look at before committing, and thats good business. Just remember a few “nos” dont mean anything, Walt Disney was denied over 300 times when trying to get a loan for Disney World. Im in marketing so I know it can take several nos to get just 1 yes. Unless of course you asked me and I had the money you would only have to ask once. I do have an associate who has made 50 mil in my industry, I sent him a link to this website, his name is Brian Carruthers.

Well if he’s in NYC at all I’d be more than happy to grab a drink with him =).

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I’m sure he does from time to time, he gets around, and lives in Maryland.