How do I change the Install or Download directory

When I install the launcher I can choose where but when I want to launch the download it always goes to the C:/ HDD but I want it to donwload where the folder is.

Is there anyway to force it ? Because there are no options anywhere to change that.

Thanks by advance

As you mention you can can choose an installation directory during installation and that, obviously, should be where it gets installed. If that’s not happening then that’s obviously a bug. That being said the installation package always gets cached on your C drive. At some point I will optimize this so that it doesn’t store the entire package but just a small subset needed to uninstall the game.

I don’t suppose you can post your installation log or email it to us? They are located in %temp%.

Well then, the trouble is that the full package goes on my C Drive. Though that the package was installing on my C Drive instead of the launcher’s

Ah ok, yeah sorry about that. We’re aware of the problem and will get it sorted out in the near future.

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