How did you discover I-Novae Studios?

Just curious, how did you discover I-Novae Studios and their games?

I personally found out about it from TheXPGamers (CaptainShack)

How about you guys?

It was 2006, I don’t remember how…
It seems from a space games website.

Stumbled across a Youtube video 5 years ago…been keeping an eye on it, albeit passively, ever since.

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Most likely this for me too. I killed off too many brain cells between then and now to remember :smiley:

Was looking for an Elite clone, found Infinity, around ~2006.

Back in 2010 or 2011, a friend that worked with me at the time told me about this project. As he has worked in the gaming industry before, he could tell me a lot on why the technology behind was amazing.

I still remember fondly of him and our discussions, there were quite interesting.

I stumbled upon it by accident while looking at stuff for X3TC. I think. It’s been a while.

2009 via Looking for games like EVE.

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I think I was searching the web for space games and stumbled upon Infinity from some random site, can’t remember the name of it these days.

Could have been too though, comes to think of it. That’d explain why I’m still subscribed to their mailing list

EDIT: I think that was in 2008, I remember waiting almost a full year before actually joining the forums.

Several years ago I found the old infinity website, possibly while searching for space games. I was immediately impressed and have followed I Nova since.

2006 - Hamburg City Freelancer Forum
People were discussing the combat prototyp and the procedural generating thing… got me hooked :wink:

In 2007 i was looking for fantazy mmorpg, one of them was Infinity Online. Somehow in search results i found Infinity:TQFE and ended up following it till today.

It was 2010 and it was this video:


Wasn’t that video from earlier in the development?

The 2010 vid had a spaceship in it.

But the video I linked is how I found Inovae. I’m not seeing what the issue is here.

October this year,

Twitch streamer called Corpsealot.


I discovered the 2010 tech demo on YouTube one day and never stopped watching the progress of the engine since.

I was following chat in EVE:Online when they started discussing space sims. Infinity:The Quest for Earth was mentioned and I was intrigued. That was some when at the beginning of 2010.

A friend told me to check Vega Strike if I had some spare time, in 2008. I wasn’t quite convinced but it did felt it had potential, so I browsed their forums to see where they were headed. They were talking about procedural planets, with several links toward Infinity’s technical articles as examples…

I should check on Vega Strike one days, to see how they went after all those years…

Many years ago on some game site i think
It was article about interesting new engine… it featured some room :slight_smile:
No seriously it did.
Think it was Eurogamer but cant find that article anymore…
it was really old…
and when i googled hard enough, i found it :wink: