HOTAS not able to make the ship accelerate

Totally new here. I apologize if I’m just missing something that’s very simple. So, I have the Thrustmaster T-Flight Hotas X Flight Stick, but when I move the Thrust lever forward the ship does not accelerate. The ship also does not move backwards if I move the lever back. I have tried to map and edit this on the control scheme editor but it doesn’t bind.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Did you map the throttle to the shipZ input? Since your input is an axis you have to map it to shipZ and not shipForward and shipBackward.
Also open your device manager and look it the properties of the joystick, is the z slider input moving in the settings if the throttle is used?

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Here is my working profile for the T.Flight.Hotas.X:

Maybe you can uses this as a basis and change the inputs you want.
Also when ingame press f4 to change the control scheme to “direct controll” mode, this mode is for joystick use.


Here’s my Hotas T Flight X profile:


Thanks everyone. Initially binding keys to a new control scheme is not completely intuitive, but I think I figured it out. Perhaps in the future, in case the developers read this, they can make the whole thing a little more clear. For example, I didn’t know that when binding a button if you let the thing “time out” it cleared it. That way you could re-assign it. Again, I’m sure pros knew this, but not us mere mortals. Perhaps what is needed is a button that says “SET UP CONTROLER”… and when you press it, it takes you through a little setup where the program asks you something like “What button would you like to use as a “FIRE” button?”… and then you just press the button on your controller and it binds it for you.

Thanks again