Hotas/Joystick controls feedback thread

I tried with a X-box one controller and a Logitech Extreme 3D Pro. They were both detected they both
did not seem to work exactly right. Now my key bindings and mouse do not seem to be correct.

[Q] and [A] have switched.

How do you go in and set the key binds for key board and the HOTAS and please make an example so that
even I can follow what to do. And not mess it up !

Xbox controllers are supported by default, just use the gamepad settings or use this profile which I very like:

To change keybindings you have to edit your custom keybindings xml file with a text editor, the values are self explainatory. You can also use the detect input tool which is now somewhere in the games folder. I hope that helps.


thanks ill give it a try.

Is this workaround still required or does it work now? The program mentioned in this thread - Universal Joystick Remapper - is no longer available.

Speaking of joysticks, we’ve detected a conflict bug between multiple devices that was introduced a couple patches ago. It’ll be fixed in the next patch ( in a week and a half ).


Its not necessary anymore. Works fine without it.
Here is a working profile for it:

Just put that in your “C:\Users\Username\Documents\I-Novae Studios\Infinity Battlescape\Profiles” folder and choose it in the launcher. The profile is made for the T.Flight Hotas X when it is connected in PS3 mode to pc.
Just toggle the switch on the backside from “PC” to “PS3” and connect it to the pc.(was easier to configure, but you can also make your own profile in PC mode)

Here is a short list:

escape - toggle keymapping screen
F1 - cockpit camera
F2 - outside camera
SE Button - Leaderboard
ST button - game menu

stick - yaw and pitch
twist and shoulder whip - roll
hat stick - up and down and strafe movement
fire key R1 - primary fire
fire key L1 - secondary fire
L3 Stick key - missile fire
R3 Stick key - chaff fire

Throttle Stick:
throttle - throttle
twist and shoulder whip - roll
Backside R2 button - target center
Backside L2 button - target none (holding the button and moving the right stick also lets you change your view)
Thumb button 8 - boost
Thumb button 5 - system menu
Thumb button 6 - weapons menu
Thumb button 7 - comms menu


So does it support rudder pedals?

You can have up to 4 devices. I have a Thrustmaster Warthog Joystick, Warthog Throttle, Saitek Rudder Pedals, and a vjoy device linked to TrackIR. I use VoiceAttack to manage weapons and systems.

This setup works in I:B Direct Mode. It works with all ship types.


Does anyone have an XML file to share for the Thrustmaster Hotas 16000M? (joystick and throttle)
Your help would be greatly appreciated

Isn’t that one of the default profiles?
Might have been outdated and thus removed lately. Maybe.

All HOTAS profiles are partially out of date. I’ll probably have a go at redoing the T16000M myself right before the release, but other than that the only “reliable” profiles so far are azerty, qwerty and gamepads. And even gamepads still need a couple of tweaks.

An nice feature in the long run would be some sort of marketplace were people can submit game control profiles that other people can rank and maybe donate ingame credits to the author. The community could then maintain the profiles and add new ones.


I made a new setup for the xbox controller including a keybindings screen.
While doing this I noticed several issues I would like to discuss here.

First the profile:

Here the profile if anybody wants to try it:

Goes into:
C:\Users\Username\Documents\I-Novae Studios\Infinity Battlescape\Profiles

And here the Mapping Screen to download:

Goes into:
C:\Program Files… …\steamapps\common\Infinity Battlescape\Dev\Client\GUI\Screens


I will list the current problems I encountered:

  • no keybinding to replace the right/left mouse click in the menus (you have to use mouseclick to select in the menus, can’t use controller or hotas for it), no keybindings to navigate through the menus
  • Capship controls and normal controls are entirely seperate
  • multiple ways to control capships making it impossible to have a decent default profile, making it impossible to unify them with the small ship controls
  • two weapons fire buttons (will be only one in the future if I remember correctly)
  • no weaponsgroup cycle button
  • doubletab checkbox in the keybindings menu missing

Possible solutions:

  • have only one weapon fire buttton
  • have a weapons group cycle button to cycle between 2 or more groups
  • have only one control sceme for capships available;
    the current capship control mode with external camera and autoturn enabled, with a set autoturn button,
    make W the increase thrusters/throttle key (or stick/controller axis/button),
    S the decrease thrusters/throttle key (or stick/controller axi/button),
    Q and E the roll keys (or stick/controller axis/button),
    have A/D/R/F (or stick/controller axis/button) the strafe keys,
    have no pitch keys for caps or only optional and by default unbound,
  • have a [trottle increase/decrease] / [thrusters forwards/backwards] -Toggle-Key! (for caps throttle is default and for small ships thrusters is the default (in my keybinding example the “thrusters/throttle” key currently works as a hold modifier) -------->>>> !!the current way with mousewheel and w/s could remain for keyboard-mouse users as is!!, the problem is that most stick users and controller users have only one axis available, that makes the toggle key necessary for them

Radial menus

  • work fine for mouse users
  • for joystick and controllers users they must behave differently IMO
  • the difference in radial-menu behaviour should be saved into the key bindings profile
  • instead of having to hold the wheel menu button, it should be one press to open them
  • they should stay open until the same key is pressed again to close them or the general “close/exit” button is pressed (for example the same exit/close/[B]-button that would be necessary to navigate the ingame menus with a controller/hotas)
  • the options in the wheel should be selecteable like they are now, but to toggle/activate them it should require a button press (for example the general “accept/confirm/[A]”-button)

Hi Playbenni !

A lot thank from my side for your support !!!
Now Im able to use the T.Flight Hotas One from Thrustmaster with the “Dual rowing system” cause you made a special XML Data ! Wooow.

In fightactions im able to use my HOTAS like i do it in ELITE ! VERY NICE ! Some settings are not abel to use but thats the problem from the Devs.

For example:
In Elite moste every long holden button on the throttle makes very other button to have a second option. So i hope some one of the Devs using the ONE in ELITE like me and knows what i mean !
There we just have a plug an play XD - BUT I LOVE YOUR GAME !


Das alleine gebührt nur dir Playbenni - THANK YOU SO MUCH !!
That alone is only yours Playbenni
First time with Hotas at 15:12 :wink: in PVP like i do it in Elite with the same HOTAS and mostly with the same guns too XD -


Generic Profiles Drafts

I spend a while creating some generic profiles. Need some testing. They don’t need to fit perfectly but errors like flipped axis and such should be looked for.
Buttons will be at weird positions and at most one axis is allowed to not work. (Probably RotZ as I suspect different vendors to have bound it differently)
That’s pretty much the goal of these generic ones.

QWERTY is set as SecKeys as backup. With these Generic Layouts where the exact button position or even ammount of buttons is unknown it pretty much is required to have all the events that are bound by default as backups.

Generic Joystick

Generic Joystick for Strafing

Generic Dualstick HOSAS

(Edit: Noticed, due to being too tired, that before sharing them I removed my joystick ID incorrectly which makes the files fail to load during game start. Fixed. Has to be “” for empty not “”) :sweat: Fixed.

(Edit 2: Learned that default for throttle is actually axis2 for some backwards reason … also switched roll with yaw because airplanes and people are used to airplanes … shrug)


Here are some valluable resources I “wringed” from the people over at the HOTAS/HOSAS/SIMPIT discord. :smiley:


Then I advise you to google “hotas name” followed by default layout for exemple.
You’ll find this kind of stuff


Looking for some feedback/suggestions on my current HOTAS binds. I’m considering putting OC on the cyan throttle dpad, as it’s where my thumb rests naturally and is easy to control. Currently I end up struggling with OC on the 8-way hat above it, because it’s awkward to hit and I end up getting a diagonal instead. I’m not sure about it though because I don’t know if micromanaging OC is important enough to warrant it, and I keep thinking there must be something more important I can put on that button group.

The radials are kind of a pain to get to as well. Combine that with the fact that I am using head tracking for CursorX/Y and you have a perfect recipe for annoyance with managing systems and weapons. The deceptively obvious solution here is to put radials on the cyan switch but… no. I don’t need them that often lol.

I’d love some suggestions of things to put on the dozen buttons on the base of the joystick. I’m considering moving the radials there and putting CursorX/Y on the green throttle switch, but haven’t had time to play with how that feels.

I’m also trying to come up with something to put on the throttle ministick click. I used to have Brake there, but I kept getting overly excited in combat and putting the brakes on accidentally.

And I’m at a loss as to what axis to put on the antenna. I think when I get around to doing capship binds I’ll probably use that one for viewdist (currently mapped to the throttle on the base of the joystick, which I’ve just noticed isn’t labeled on this diagram, hmm).



idle curiosity - does anyone play with dual joysticks? i feel like a throttle is kinda pointless when you can thrust in six different directions. currently i use a joystick to rotate in 3 axes and kb to thrust, but im tempted to get a T1600 for a left hand stick to use for thrusting. i’m curious if i have the mental capacity to truly take advantage of direct mode and let go of the constraints of atmospheric flight.


I think vertical thrust would be tough with a second stick. I’ve used dual sticks in a different game and once the novelty wears off it feels kind of awkward. There is at least one person on Discord that uses dual sticks but I can’t remember their name right now. Might be worth asking on there if no one picks it up here