Pre-alpha test week-end FAQ

are we allowed to stream the test weekend ?

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Yup, you can stream, just make sure you do not misrepresent the state of the game ( ie. people have to understand it’s a pre-alpha prototype and not a finished game ).

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just to make sure im clear, although i backed to get 2 copies of the game…it only is considered 1 alpha access?

Correct because we currently don’t have a way for you to gift your extra copy to someone else. Therefore they are both only associated with your account.

A good setup for Xbox Controller Users:

I made a controller setup which IMO works perfectly.

Here is the profile and accompanying keymapping screen:

The screen goes into the folder:
C:\Program Files\I-Novae Studios\Battlescape\Dev\Client\GUI\Screens

The controller profile into:
C:\Users\YourName\Documents\Infinity Battlescape\Profiles

I recommend controller sensitivity of about 40 to 50%.
Invert Pitch set to on. Invert Roll set to off.
For “Keyboard Profile” select “x360”.
For “Controller” select “Xinput Controller”.


hello every one I’m in the UK but it must be 2pm est by now I have the alpha package why can I not down load any thing yet

[quote=“Han_Solo, post:9, topic:4818, full:true”]
hello every one I’m in the UK but it must be 2pm est by now I have the alpha package why can I not down load any thing yet[/quote]

Have you associated your I-Novae account with your backer’s email yet ? If not you should do it, see the FAQ at the top of the topic.

I’m sure I backed to Alpha level but I can not get down load access is there any thing I need to do.

Yes and I have made sure I’m logged in still says I don’t have access

It takes up to an hour for our system to sync with IndieGoGo. According to our records your account got synced 7 minutes ago and should be fine now?

Thank you with a little help I have got it to work it was because the original payment was never confirmed I have just downloaded the launcher now.


Re-posted your profile on the ED and SC forums Playbenni. If I had a gaming rig I’d be using it. Thanks.

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Is another pre-alpha test weekend planned before alpha is released?

As of this exact moment in time no but now that I’m back from my trip we’ll be revisiting our schedule and depending on that timeline it may make sense to do another free-play weekend before the release of the Alpha.


thanks Keith!

It’s a drag I missed out on the last pre-alpha test.
But I’m waiting for so many years now… I will manage another few month :'D


since i can’t find a topic about it:

is there any rough idea how long it’ll take until alpha i will be out?
my question is basically: are we talking abotu weeks or month here?

Months probably.

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I think Flavien said in last weekly report that alpha is delayed for a 2-3 months.