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That has to be the most accurate and poetic disagreement with Discourse I’ve read so far lol.


Sooo …

[spoiler]Oh no don’t peak![/spoiler]

Is there a Popup style spoiler? Where you can do your categories inside a openable box?


Oh, that is so true.


There’s no collapsing/expanding box spoiler thing in vanilla Discourse.


I’m sure it’s actually obvious, but how do you do that?

[spoiler]Oh no don't peak![/spoiler]

Could somebody find me a list of those hidden codes that don’t appear as buttons on the reply box?
It would be a good addition to my tricks and features topic.


Wow, ok. I can’t help but think that having your mouse reveal the redacted text on a hover event is a terrible idea. It’s just way, way too easy to accidentally reveal the text.


I looked myself but couldn’t find a list :frowning: … the spoiler thing was a shot into the dark.

Would be great to know all the possibilities.


Oh so the forum is back online? Nice. Good to see old faces again.


Test ! nice to see the login issues fixed.
hop edit


They aren’t quite fixed yet :\


So it looks like discourse Supports Markdown (primarly) and BBCode (partially).

Some testing:



Non auto image insert:
![Test]( “HovertextImage”)

Numbered List (Needs enter in front):

  1. Strange Type of list
  2. It Doesn’t care about the actual numbers in front.
  3. Lol.
  4. Straaaange…
    Lol More then one line nice.
  5. Test

List (Needs enter Infront):

  • Test
  • List item
  • Something
  • Anything
    • Anything under Anything
  • Back again
    • Up again
      • More up?

Works also with Minus sign:

  • 1
  • 2
  • 3
    • 3.1
      • 3.1.1

Test in Code Element:

[HypelinkInline]( "Hovertext")

[10]: "Test Hovertext"

Non auto image insert:
![Test](<img src='//'> "HovertextImage")

Numbered List:

9. Strange Type of list
8. It Doesn't care about the actual numbers in front.
5. Lol.
2. Straaaange...

List (Needs enter Infront):

* Test
* List item
 * Something
 * Anything
    * Anything under Anything
 * Back again
    * Up again
        * More up?

Works also with Minus sign:

- 1
- 2
- 3
    - 3.1
        - 3.1.1

Edit test.


You can do a lot more than that but I don’t want to publish how… I figure there is an inverse correlation between being able to work it out for yourself and the probability of making an abominable multicoloured page-breaking eye-sore post.

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:a: :b: :a:

:nine: :one: :one:

Code element is just empty line with 4 spaces before text.

Sadly no infinity sign.

:white_check_mark: :heavy_check_mark: :ballot_box_with_check: :checkered_flag:

:seat: :airplane: :fast_forward:


found a bug




Just checking some stuff … having some fun. Don’t mind me :smile:


Having some rather annoying issues with font colours and sizing. HTML shows up just fine in the preview, but doesn’t seem to actually save to the post. I haven’t quite sorted out how BBCode is processed. Multi-line BBCode colour formatting doesn’t seem to be supported.

Moreover, I’m finding that I sometimes have to re-fresh the page for colours to show up. They seem to go away if I switch browser tabs. This also happens after editing a post. Finally, the colours don’t seem to show up immediately after posting, either.

[color=red]Red[/color] [color=blue]Blue[/color] [color=green]Green[/color]

[color=#5599cc]JENI Blue[/color]
[color=#cc9955]JENI Orange[/color]

[size=12]Size 12[/size]
[size=10]Size 10[/size]
[size=6]Size 6[/size]

Issues with colours in posts

With the next update we should be able to use <font color="#hexcode" size="number">

lines using <br>
another line[/color]


That will be very, very nice. I find it very odd that that is currently supported by the preview pane, but not by the actual posts.


Sizes are litmited on both sides. The allowed range is form 4 to 40.


You may want to bookmark this, then:


The man himself shows up.