Issues with colours in posts

As mentioned in my post in the forum testing thread, I’m having some issues with colours showing up properly in posts. The biggest issue is that, when including colours in a post, they do not seem to appear after submitting the post, or edits for that matter, until I refresh my browser windows (Firefox 24.0).

Colours are also stripped from posts if I switch browser tabs, and then switch back. I only experience this on my posts. Other peoples colours seem to be preserved.

Also, HTML is rendered in the post preview box, but does not seem to get posted to the forum. Meanwhile, BBCode colours do not show up in the preview box, but do end up getting posted.

Finally, BBCode (or at least the color BBCode) does not span hard returns.

Can you see if you can reproduce this behavior on ?

It would save me a lot of time in submitting the bug request to the official discourse forums =).

Nope, it’s not happening there. BBCode colour tags don’t seem to work there, but colours show up in the post right away (no refresh required), and colours are persistent when switching between tabs. Also, HTML font tags work as expected.

Ok that means they’ve probably fixed your issues in the main branch. I’m still working on some login issues with them but once those get sorted out I’ll be updating to the latest code.