General Forum Testing

This Topic has the purpose to test out the forum.

Go wild.

Lets try some video.
The power of rockets!


Just a link

Block quoting?

Sample code?
  1. Number
  2. More numbers


Upload didn’t work…?

Testing that again here.

It worked.

Editing works. I’m satisfied.

Test123 1232 :grin: :sunny: :grin:

Great topic :grin:

Maybe some new videos of Infinity could help for testing…

We’re working on it :stuck_out_tongue:


testing linking to an uploaded img
testing linking to a post on the same topic

Omg, this is so awesome. You just select the text on the topic that you want to quote, and click on the “quote reply” button that appears, and voila! :grin:

edit: If anyone finds an interesting feature, just post it here.

Thanks for new forum guys… but i sort of missing the old one =(
I dont want to sound ungreatfull but…
Geuss am too old scool for this “facebook like stuff”
It seems rather chaotic, or do i missing something ?
You know some sort of branching categories of topics.
But maybe its because its so empty.
Anyway thanks. Looking foreward for your kickstarter.

Vanilla Discourse only has categories and each thread can only have one category.
See discussion here:

I think this behaviour is fine for a small community but if things get big I think nested categories would be a good idea.

You could use the categories page as a landing page - Imagine that with a few more categories.

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It looks odd, but the forum tracks the topics you have visited, the posts that are new, where has your name been mentioned and which of your posts have a new reply. This means you can always know what is new and relevant. The lack of subcategories probably won’t be that big of a deal.

Bold text

What’s the difference between quote and block quote?

I think that a quote can be clicked to show the actual post on discourse, while a block quote is just something your write, with no references.


What’s the difference between quote and block quote?

Edit: Cool, if you click on expand on my quote above you can see the full post, instead of just the text I selected to quote. And the up arrow goes to the actual quote position on the topic.

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It’s going to take me a long, long time to get used to Discourse, I think. It’s just too… fluid. I’m very comfortable with (and indeed, I believe I prefer) the rigid structure of a traditional forum or message board. That’s not to say that I can’t make due - if I can work around Joomla (or hell, Blackboard for that matter) I can work around pretty much anything. But for the time being, I’m finding myself rather discombobulated.


I, on the other hand, am loving it. :smile:
Try my “tutorial” topic to learn all the cool stuff that has changed.

Also, when big discussions start happening, it will really help that you can just “like” a post instead of making a post with “I agree”, or replying as a new topic to prevent people from derailing discussions(well, at least it will help).
You can mention people(@Kichae) to bring their attention in case you need something answered or need their opinion.
The edit history means people can’t just change things to make others look bad, and will make people think twice before posting and editing it 10 times.

But yeah, there is a learning curve involved before that happens without an effort.

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In terms of the buttons on the toolbar, the ‘Quote whole post’ button on the far left seems a bit superfluous - All it does is quote the post you’re replying to.

In real terms, all ‘quotes’ in discourse are blockquotes - In the HTML they are blockquote elements which is a block level element as opposed to quote which is an inline element.

Block level elements take up the width of their parent element rather than fitting into the flow of their context. Examples of block level HTML elements are paragraphs and headings.

This code element is an example of an inline element. - It doesn’t disrupt the layout of the paragraph it is inside.
Discourse doesn’t seem to allow the quote element to be used.

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Oh, it’s definitely chock full of features that I think are fantastic. Most of them are over my head right now, and I’m just far, far too busy with BS in life right now to sit down and learn how to use it all, but on the whole it’s topped up with stuff I’m going to absolutely love.

None of these features, however, require the animations, the “real time” thread updates, nor the single “Latest” page that dumps all threads from every category into a single page, using the categories as a tag rather than a folder. I really, really hate the GMail style tags. I’m a linear thinker, a scientist, and a structuralist. I like my Legos separated by colour and dimension, and kept separate. This is the Lego equivalent of just dumping everything into the bucket, as far as I’m concerned.

Discourse is a post-structuralist forum application, and I’m a structuralist.