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so true


Steep is free from Ubisoft atm, you just need to log into the launcher and claim it.


Cyberpunk 2077 — Official E3 2019 Cinematic Trailer ft. Keanu Reeves

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Outer Wilds - The Biggest Little Spaceship Game


What a lame E3. Sadface


Cringeworthy E3 but not for all actors of show

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Made by just one guy , and quite fun
out now a deadtoast prod , save 15 %

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The new version of SpaceEngine is finally out!
This one isn’t free anymore (the previous one remains free, though), but given the enormous work that went into it, that’s more than fair.

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Whilst I respect the enormous effort that has gone into making Space Engine, I can’t bring myself to spend money on it. Sure, it can produce some excellent pictures, and the detail of the universe is incredible. However, I simply cannot ignore it’s main technological rival: the I-Novae engine.

For me, Space Engine doesn’t run that smoothly while Battlescape does, and there’s something about the way Battlescape looks that beats Space Engine for me (with comparable planets anyway). Of course, Space Engine has a much wider variety of things it can generate and a huge amount of astronomical data… but isn’t the I-Novae engine theoretically capable of something similar? Generating a galaxy was the original principle of Infinity: The Quest for Earth.

And of course Battlescape has gameplay, whereas Space Engine is primarily a simulation.

I blame Flavien for ruining Space Engine for me. :smile:


We are capable of generating galaxies - the galaxy you see in the background of I:B is an actual (slightly stylized) galaxy. If we allowed/enabled it, you could visit every single one of those stars.


Enable it immediately!


This is why both are worthwile, IMHO. The primary focus is different.
Now I would love if both had worked together to make a single engine with the game and performance capabilities of INE and the astronomical exactitude and variety of SE. (One can dream…) As both engines evolve, those difference will probably lessen, but probably never disappear.
At the moment, INE is a game engine primarily for giant exciting spaceship battles, while SE is a simulation engine primarily for exploring the cosmos and finding strange, beautiful things.

So Space Engine won’t be for everyone who like I:B, of course. And among those interested, not everyone will want to buy it either. But there is probably some overlap still…

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Frontier could use a better engine for Elite at this point :laughing: at least you would get bigger battles that way


Don’t even get me started on E:D and it’s cheating warp where stations appear out of nowhere… :smile: Even No Man’s Sky avoided that. But I digress.

I appreciate the free Space Engine and would even pay a small amount for it, but £20 is too much for me, for what you get.

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Elite’s Cobra engine is capable of seamless space to planet transitions, there are dev videos that showcase it, also there is no skybox in ED, it’s a real galaxy just like in IB, the reason for transitions is their networking model and gameplay design, it’s p2p.

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But…without any FTL on the ships, or some sort of jump drive mechanic… it would take you hundreds and thousands of in game years to get to the nearest star… assuming you can even locate a nearby star to fly out to!


Then add a simple jump system, of course! Why do we have to tell you everything?

It’s not as if you were developing a full game under pressure with a tight budget and a small team, after all. You have all the time in the world to develop that kind of stuff.

(Seriously, that would have been awesome, but I doubt there is a way to make even a placeholder jump system in negligible enough dev time…)