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The characters don’t impress that much (dunno why), but the nature scenes really look striking good! Unreal Engine is doing a good job for these kind of scenes. Nice, thanks!


We might have seen this before a couple of years back.

But from the same guy he’s now working on dark forces UE4 as a fan project here:


Oh wow, that work is beautiful.

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The Dark Forces images from his Artstation site look fantastic. Disney should immediately have him as part of a team reworking Dark Forces, instead of trying to shut him down, like they most likely will do if he releases a tech demo level of that. Instant good seller that project would be, looking that good in UE4.


I love this, racer with A.I. and multiplayer support.

Just listen to Bluedrake like an over-excited 6 year old.


I’ve found it easier to send to my google drive, and then make a copy of it on my google drive. And then download that copy. Not that my old computer can run it, one to save for another time.


Crytek Showcases Real-Time Ray Traced Reflections in CryEngine on RX Vega 56


pretty interesting


you’re nice searcher or we, does not make sense


Dunno if this game qualifies for this thread, as it is a mainstream AAA game, so it might not be obscure enough…

Anyway, Devil May Cry 5…
It’s a great mainline entry to the series. If you never played it, it is a spectacle fighter following the adventures of a group of demon hunters who each fight for their own reason. The fifth game introduces new characters to the cast and also brings back a couple of characters who were mostly missing during the events of the last game. The combat is varied and challenging, with a rich cast of enemies for you to encounter. Multiple playthroughs on different difficulties are encouraged, as each mode unlocks new stuff and also extends the moveset of your opponent, instead of just upping their hp and damage dealt. The story references events and characters from Devil May Cry 4, giving those who played the game a bigger picture of the world without alienating new people to the series.




no hyperbole, that game shits on every major star wars title in the past 5 years.


Looks interesting.


From creators of awesome FTL like: Convoy.
Landinar. 2d space shooter ala privateer. Where you can design your ship layouts and even go out of your ship.


I’ve picked up this today and will be trying it later on - it looks kind of fun! Still in early stages, but getting well received on Steam and the dev team seem responsive. The combat reminds me a bit of Mount and Blade, which can only be a good thing!


Liechtenauer stuff? I’m more into Fiore dei Liberi.


The swordplay is pretty fun but kind of brutal! Very hard to master. A little bit difficult to string attacks together, but the gameplay encourages you to play smart and time your attacks carefully, which I really like. It’s very strategic combat!


First thought was Chivalry. How does it compare to that?


I’ve only played a bit of Chivalry a long time ago, but my impression is that this is better. Sadly I couldn’t give you any details why in comparison! There are discussions about it online though.

Combat animations are slow, but pretty lethal. Attack direction controlled by mouse movement or WASD. Parrying has to be timed properly, rather than holding a button (I’m still not good at it, pressing it far too early). Attacks themselves can even counter each other when done right!

The only criticism I have is that it’s kind of tricky to get the timing of chaining attacks together. But, most of all, there is something very fun about the gameplay. You die… A lot, but it doesn’t matter because each individual duel is interesting and varied. Everyone chooses different gear and you develop different tactics to deal with it. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t!

Customisation is good too - plenty of options and it doesn’t take long to get some coins to spend on different gear. The UI is very clunky for it, but functional.