Games Infinity: Battlescape should take inspiration from

While we have a thread about games that the community should know about:

But what about games that I-Novae should take notes from. That is game mechanics that you think would add value to Infinity: Battlescape.

Don’t go too far with this. After all I-Novae is a small team and they do have a general idea of what the gameplay of I:B is going to be. So as much as you might like a game mechanic of say, Star Citizen FPS mode, that is way far out of scope for what I:B will be like.

Since Infinity: Battlescape will soon need to touch upon players controlling capital ships, there is a game that still achieves “Simulation” type gameplay for capital ships without being too Real-Time Strategy about it. I really like how course changes of capital ships is done in Starshatter - The Gathering Storm:



Regarding technology, Reset’s atmosphere simulation is some of the most impressive stuff I’ve seen done for a game:

Yes cool but real life stil have better grapfix and phisics

Agreed, Starshatter was an underrated game. It had many flaws and limitations but capital ships were done extremely well :slightly_smiling:

Vega Strike is another that springs to my head, because scale and long-distance travel was pretty pleasing. It’s development is pretty much not happening as far as I can tell, and in many ways it’s an Elite clone, but I liked the way the warp drive worked to get you to destinations. It was remarkably difficult to match speed with another warping ship.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, Allegiance is to look at as probably one of the closest games to what I:B wants to be.
It is a large team multiplayer space shooter with buildings and progression, with capital ships in the game. While not nearly on scale, it does have multiple locations to fight for. Also, while it is not newtonian, it has a relatively unconventional flight model.
It is not a perfect match, though. It has a Commander, with access to building management/construction as well as tech/infrastructure expansion, and is only in space (with rocks floating around).

While very interesting (strategy, scouts being actually important…), it is not perfect (in particular, a rather infamous learning cliff curve), so it should be looked at for both what works and what doesn’t.

Allegiance is indeed a fun game, but in a comparison it would be nothing more than an inspiration to what IB is. Granted I have made mention of this game myself but mostly in the form of the Stealth mechanic Allegiance uses. Beyond this I can’t see them gaining anything from the game besides playing it and possibly getting some sort of idea from just flying about.

Maybe if we hit the goals of player made structures and in game guilds perhaps we can see something along the lines of how they use the commander for the guild leader. It would give th game a whole new level but that’s far, far off