Game download link + Instructions

Please check out the following page:

Game access is currently limited to Developper pledge tier level or higher ( $250+ from Kickstarter, $275+ from IndieGogo ).

Your access rights and pledges should be displayed on that page. If this information is incorrect, you can send us an e-mail to contact AT inovaestudios DOT com ( please include your account name and e-mail addresses from which you pledged and pledge amount ).

Make sure you linked your Kickstarter / IndieGogo e-mail address to your main account correctly and that there is no typo in your e-mail addresses.

If you just pledged from IndieGogo, please be aware that it might take up to an hour before our database gets updated with your access. Other information such as badges or developper forum access is usually updated every 24h.

If you do not currently have Dev-level access, here is the planned release schedule for other tier levels:

  • Alpha: January 2017
  • Beta: July 2017
  • Release: January 2018

No Demmo to download at all?
Shouldn’t there be some thing to play with when you pledge?

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There is, if you pledged for it. Instructions on how to download it are in the post you just replied to.

I didn’t pledge enough, didn’t realize till after I posted, lol Sorry guys.


No worries… Misunderstandings are easy:)

the download seems to always die out and so far i cant complete it.

I just tested it and have no problem. Try another browser, or maybe it could be your anti-virus ?

Similar questions.
-were i can download?
-give me link guys, thx.
-oh, this game for singleplayer?
-game support mods?
-how upgrade perk?
-were i can buy this?
-were’s demo?
Game download link only for ** access developer perk** i call them strong feeders.
buy thought
For those who can not afford to pay such a sum ofcouse play evochron legacy i highly recommend

Bought stellar sup yesterday. Is there only the one dl region on the us cost?? I have very slow dl rates from within europe. Any suggestions?


Currently there is only one server, US EAST.

Of course, more are planned for future, but for now this is what we have. I know that there are many players in China and Europe that will probably get their own server.

Except for combat, the game works well without high bandwidth or low ping.

Rgr, thanks for reply, i hope i can take a look and do a virgin flight later :wink:


He @Bibmo!

Welcome to I:B Dev Tier!

Cool, feel free to say hi on I:B Discord (in game chat, direct access to the Dev’s and the rest of us).


The new installer is half crazy. When I click it, it uninstalls. But the game link I had before downloads it.

What do you mean by “game link”? What are you clicking?

Oh, the “game link” is my short cut to the INovaeLauncher.exe.

What was strange to me, is that the installer tells me it has decided to uninstalled my installation, but my link still works.

I decided not to worry about it anymore :slight_smile:

Finally is October. Alpha…alpha…alpha…:smile::smile:

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Alpha access is delayed until early 2017 unfortunatly. See weekly update 49.
There were internal discussions with current dev backers, sadly half of us dev backers thought delaying instead of offering the current prototype to alpha backers, would be the best option. I think it blows bigly, my condolences.

I remember another similar discussion shortly after the kickstarter, it was about the patching system, there was discussion if they should just release the prototype ‘as is’ or wait until the patching system is done, lots of people argued to wait, fortunatly back then the devs released instead of waiting. The funny thing is had they waited for patching to be complete we backers would have waited another 6 months. But people never learn and this time the naysayers prevailed.

It sucks getting into games development. No one fulfills the promise.It is the last time I give money to early access a game.

Thanks for the clarification Playbenni.:wink:


I think the devs were very considerate, they asked the community for feedback about the situation and half of us thought delaying instead of at least offering the latest build was the better way. So if anyone is at fault its those people that voted for the delay :wink: ;-).