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Crowd-funding is here to help indie projects, not first of all to buy a product. You should consider that. It is a donation, and the digital copy a gift to thank you for your help.

Thus, Inovae precised it from the begining, you can read "Est. October", not "October"


The mantra for B:I has always been to postpone rather then deliver a second rate product.


If I paid for the basic astroroid package do I still have to pay 275.00 for dev access or do I get my 30 back towards the dev access package


Are you saying this is very close to evochron legacy as I already own it and at quite a loss at how to do anything in that game does battlescape support joystick support?


I dont know i am cheap backer access for me open only in september. Yes support joystick i read about it it thread were i forget. Create question use this @INovaeKeith he answered. Evechron very hard game i play around 4 hours and split on it.


You do not have to pay the full $275 to upgrade to Developer Access - you will be credited the $30 from your original purchase and will only have to pay $245 to upgrade. You can upgrade via the following link:


Why are you charging the IndieGoGo rates for the upgrades on your custom system @inovaekeith, I thought the reason for making the INS pledge upgrade was to avoid IndieGoGo taking their cut and thus be able to offer the KS prices to people upgrading?


If he’s a Kickstarter backer then he will only have to pay Kickstarter prices to upgrade. If he’s an IGG backer he will have to pay IGG prices. Since he cited the IGG price I assumed he was an IGG backer but if he backed via Kickstarter then he will in fact only have to pay the discounted Kickstarter price.


When will the game become available for Asteroid Supporters?


Once it ships to retail.


I pledged on kickstarter at the $150 tier. This should get me Alpha and Beta access. According to the schedule, both should be available, but access is still limited to “dev”. Any word on when this will change?

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Well so far it seems like it’s going to be released sometime in Q4. It all depends on how soon the new network code and new UI is developed.

Here’s @INovaeKeith on the same question:


We’re working on releasing the next patch within a few weeks. Once that happens we’ll have some Alpha backer free-play weekends as we push towards the release of the Alpha itself. We sincerely apologize for the delay and appreciate your patience!


Thanks, i guess. If i’m lucky, i might be able to participate in one of these events…my job does not allow much in the way of down time on weekends.


Previously we started it on Friday and let it go into Monday for people who are busy on Saturdays and Sundays as well as to compensate for time zone differences, would that help your situation?

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I’ve seen a lot of dates floating around regarding the beta release. Is September the most recent estimate, or has the game been delayed beyond that? My apologies if this has been answered already.


We won’t begin providing serious estimates about the Beta until we ship or are close to shipping the Alpha. What I can tell you is that we will be giving Beta backers access to the game via “free-play” weekends once the Alpha is released similar to what we’re currently doing with Alpha backers. We do apologize for the delays, we understand and appreciate the fact that all of you just want to get your hands on the game, we’re trying to do it in an orderly fashion since some people have paid a premium to receive access before others and we want to respect those contributions.


oh hmm okay


It’s entirely possible, If not, maybe i’ll just put in for the weekend off, lol.


when does the beta start now?