Everspace? Anyone know of this game?


I was just browsing greenlight games on steam and noticed this.

I was shocked how nice the graphics look and I don’t know much about it but its going to be on kickstarter in 8 hours.

Art style reminds me a lot of Black Prophecy.

Saw it on Twitter a few days back, looks nice, I’ll update the KS thread once it goes live…

They have already started their kickstarter: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/rockfishgames/everspace/

Haven’t had a chance to look at it yet, will do so when I feel like it.

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Rogue lite in space with story. I have a hard time believing that they’re going to be able to make it look that good consistently with the amount that they wanted for the goal (Bare bones necessities to make it look like that.)

stretch goal 300k / 500k/ 800k

Ah, nice to know you already “Know” that you’re going to be super duper successful.

It certainly looks amazing but I’m nowhere near being able to back it now that I:B is coming soon.

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The graphics are great, but that’s all it is, graphics, i’d rather spend the money on I:B, NMS, or LT instead. If the game makes it to release i’ll glance at it, otherwise seems like a waste of money.

Very stylish, really like the shield effect! Looks like they got some nice planetary terrain as well:

Questions is if they will (eventually) include full planetary landing or not.

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Not until someone integrates a planetary engine into UE4. I am assuming for what they are asking for in their KS, they don’t intend to do any coding on the engine-side of things.

I backed it. I think the gameplay stuff they propose sounds really fun. Liked the weapons they allready got in the video and the option for cockpit and third person.

Also … does every space game need planetary landing? I think not. This looks like a great modern roguelike!

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But even with this additional funding it doesn’t look like they plan to do engine modifications

I highly doubt they will try anything like planetary landings. They seem very focused on an arcade rogue-like experience and IMO they should specialise on that first if they want to be successful.

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Ouch game might be using gameworks, I will hold off until the games finished however it looks nice.

Not necessarily no, for example Limit theory (LT) does not promise planetary landing any time soon, but it doesn’t treat planets as background decoration pieces either. This is probably due to my personality, but when i see a beautiful planet like that, i wanna be able to interact with it somehow, seems like such a great loss to have such planets without any interaction.

I’m willing to bet my left ball that Planetary Landings are out-of-scope for this game. :wink:

Something for the Inovae team to notice:

I’m pretty sure this the actual studio with this post, but you guys should think about making something similar for IBS when it’s time. A lot of gamers frequent imgur and it’s helpful attention.

That being said I’ll be making my own posts as well, but it looks better coming from you guys!

Agreed. Gifs are good to help with a sense of motion and excitement.

HOWEVER: bear in mind that not everyone has good internet or plenty of RAM. Compress them as best you can. A few people complained on the Wings of Saint Nazaire forum about that.

Reminds me of Freelancer. The slow but equal pitch/yaw/roll, the point of aim not being fixed and the nose follows your cursor. Those long spiky asteroids took me right back to the Badlands of the New York system.

However, the fact it’s a rinse and repeat rougelike doesn’t appeal to me. The levels aren’t procedurally generated and while there are multiple paths through, ultimately it’s going to get repetitive pretty quickly.
In traditional rougelikes you might meet all sorts of characters and be faced with all sorts of decisions. All I can see of Everspace is that each level you just need to collect resources to upgrade your ship and defeat the baddies.

I won’t be backing it.

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Their Kickstarter is doing really well I think.

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That’s what a shiny KS video does for you.

Interesting article by the developers from the beginning of last year: https://rockfishgames.wordpress.com/2014/02/17/back-in-the-game/

Ironically, it is our constant pursuit of ever-improving quality on mobile that now created the opportunity for us to get back into the game with a new studio developing its first title for next-gen consoles.

So they were planning to build the game for consoles but now they are aiming for PC first.