Elite: Dangerous

look at this at min 4:30

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I probably shouldn’t speak for Keith & Flavien, but technically I think many ppl already know how to implement them, the issue is performance, especially in a game engine, and not just some nature simulator.

is there an other way to “fake” clouds that look like volumetric clouds that are moving ?
i mean to make the lost of performance low ?

Honestly we’ve already been over the clouds issue.


hm ok how ?

Try this thread:

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Check out the thread that JB linked. We’ve had clouds and trees discussed at length in the past (because I turned on the experimental clouds for some screenshots once… heh) We won’t be working on them because there are other features that have higher priority at the moment, that’s the short answer :slight_smile:


Ahh…that makes it clearer…

According to FDs communication manager they originally was planning to show off gameplay of Horizons at this GamesCom and had people working round the clock to make that happen…but obviously they didn’t make it in time. This is probably why one of the employees made the assumption that the footage was coming next week.

So I’m guessing PAX Prime at the end of the month might be their next target to release that. Fingers crossed!

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I feel quite disappointed by the “colossal” announcement at Gamescom for a few reasons.

  1. They had always planned to have planetary landings within a year of release so the announcement had no surprise factor. The buggy was nice to see and it made me wonder if they are scavenging code from their old buggy game Infestation.

  2. The only visual demonstration we saw was what looked like a pre-rendered movie. It may have been captured in-engine but it hid a lot of details. What does flying over the surface of a planet look like? How long does it take to choose a point and land? How are points of interest communicated to the player? What happens when a ship crashes? Until we see an in-game demonstration we can’t make any judgement about the quality of the gameplay that people are being asked to pre-order.

  3. The price seems excessive. The expansion needs to be massive to justify paying the cost of a completely new game. We’ve not seen any evidence so far that it is as large as an entire new game. I hope the people pre-ordering Horizons aren’t going to be disappointed.

  4. With regard to the price I suspect that Frontier are following the AAA model where players are often expected to pay full price for this year’s version of the game they bought last year. It obviously works for FIFA and Call of Duty but it’s a model that leaves a bad taste for me. To be fair it’s not a bad deal for new players who will get ED and Horizons in one package, but the discount offered for existing players seems quite mean.

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The way I look at it is that it’s $45 for 4 DLCs and I would get that package even if I didn’t have the lifetime expansion pass…

Sure it looks like shit on the first glance, $60 for airless moons and a buggy, but I’m sure that perception will change in general public towards good in the long run.

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I wonder similar the ED buggy gameplay will be to this?


Im sure it won’t, it never does in these cases. This isnt the first time frontier has let down it’s players(Still waiting on that offline mode they promised us, the one they decided to declare cancelled right before release.), and typically a few of these bad announcements chained together, tied with what has been widely considered a fairly lackluster and incomplete initial release, is the standard formula for ruined public perception. The game isn’t great, their PR is bad, and they’re doing whats seen as price gouging. This will lead to overall decreased sales while frontier shunts more of it’s development power over to their other game project, and development of the expansions will slow and be lower in quality, which will further reinforce the perception. Its unlikely they will ever finish all their planned expansions, at least not anything like their current intention.

There are only so many diehard fans who are willing to overlook this kind of track record, and with how they’ve decided to reduce 75$ purchases to a 10$ discount on the new game+expansion package, they certainly arent rewarding loyalty.

Where do you get this $75 amount from, it’s $60, also the discount is $15 not $10.

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$75 was the price of ED during beta. Which is now good for a 10~15 dollars converted into euros discount.

As an original beta backer you will get 4 or 5 expansions for $45, that makes it under $10 per expansion, and this for some reason is some huge heresy and a social injustice that needs to be righted instantly, by raging and fuming at a developer that gave us the best space game that we currently have.

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Just got back from short vacation and saw it.
my thoughts were:

-lets see landing on planets indeed.
-wait what? kind of short and it looked like a pre-render vid, hmmhm
-looking for more info and found this vid (rather interesting thesis)

They haven’t shown much.
So far i am not convinced.
And since we saw very little i got the feeling they have something to hide.

My guess is that they wanted to use the marketing visibility at the event, even if their content wasn’t quite ready. I’d assume they want to show it when it’s ready, a good philosophy to hold. :wink:

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I think it’s pretty deliberately disingenuous that you think people are taking issue with the whole some kickstarter backers get their expansions for free part. Just as portion of the higher tier backers, and also ignores all the people who bought the game post-kickstarter or post-release. Who, again, have their purchase degraded to a 12.5$ discount on the next version of the still unfinished base game. Right now, the option for people who want “4 or 5 expansions” is a !!$200!! season pass, assuming it will be more expensive to buy each expansion individually, the amount of money they are expecting for this is insane. it doesnt matter if there is no subscription on their game, with prices like these you are already there even without accounting for the usual months people skip on subs. And for the love of god, a preorder price can’t be stated to be a definitve price for something, it’s a discount because you gamble on whether the thing, on release, will even be any good, instead of waiting and seeing like any rational human being.

Im kind of surprised at how typical this response was to irrational fans of things. “This developer developed the best space game ever! how dare you criticize them in any way!” You then try to justify it by exaggerating the scale of those criticisms, apparantly i want these issues to be “righted instantly” as if people havent been criticizing ED for it’s lackluster release and gameplay and withdrawl of kickstarter promises for awhile now, not as though anyone gave a date they should fix it by. That includes “heresy” “social injustice” “raging” “fuming” too.

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People knew already it will come one day as an expansion.
Now they just added vague date to it.

It can always be delayed … or released unfinished. :smile:
they just said it and shown few seconds and it was enough.
There are people that swallowed it with fishing pole, yet seen nothing.

…tsk tsk tsk

I agree with “when it’s ready”
But this was cheap.

First off, these only cost 45$ if you pre-order the expansions… And the full contents of those expansions has yet to actually be defined. So you’re literally giving them your money on faith that it will be worth your while.

Second off, going by the relatively content-poor nature of the current “expansions” - Wings, Power-Play, (planned) Ships - then I have a very hard time using the term “Expansion”. Perhaps all of Season 1 together could be considered a full “expansion”, but individually, the term ‘DLC’ feels much more representative. So no, not 10 dollars per expansion, but 60 dollars per expansion.

As a Beta backer, I paid 75$ based upon the specifications and stretch goals posted on Kickstarter. Several of those have yet to be met - some won’t be met (singleplayer, for example). With that track-record, I can’t possibly justify pre-ordering the Horizons “DLC Season Pass”. So if I do elect to purchase it in several months, the final cost to me is 135$ - for a game that won’t even deliver on what I’ve just paid for for a full year.

Frankly it feels duplicitous. I understand how the economy works and that Frontier has to pay a lot of people to developthis game. Obviously they haven’t read up on the concepts of Supply and Demand - or have grossly overestimated the value of what they’re supplying - because I think this price point will place them far far on the backside of the optimal P-D curve.

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