E3 2015 Thread : space news and others

Hello everybody,

Here’s a thread to speak about E3 news. I’m at work and I can’t access to video game sites and news, but I can access to INovae forums, so I hope you guys (members) will give informations about this great event ! I’ll add news too this evening :wink:

:musical_note: I wish you a happy E3, I wish you a happy E3 … :musical_note: !! :smile:

Doom looks epic.
Fallout 4 looks epic.
So far so good :smiley:

Warning: Heavy gore with a side of Chianti and fava beans


Hoping for Elite Dangerous: Planetary Landings DLC. :heart:

To get things started, trailer and gameplay videos for Fallout 4.


Unfortunately I never played to the previous Fallout but it looks epic ;).

Did Elite Dangerous tell something about this ? Star Citizen thinks about it too. It would be awesome (but maybe impossible) that both ED and SC choose the Inovae Engine to do it :wink:

Yesterday I saw a trailer of Adr1ft, it looks very interesting (but I fear its gameplay could fastly get out of breath…) :laughing:


If memory serves, SC took CryEngine as graphic motor and are in the process of modifying it to acheive the promised goals. Not sure if they’d be willing to sacrifice their current state of progress for INovae’s engine. Then again, some games did make radical graphic motor changes, like DayZ.

Most of the ex-CryEngine devs are now working in CIG’s frankfurt office assisting with the engine modification. I don’t think they’re going to jump ship any time soon

And Frontier Developments is using their own Cobra engine that they have been working on for years, they are also planning on releasing their engine into the market for larger companies to use. There is not even a slim chance that they would switch to INE. :frowning:

It’s more possible that somebody would buy INS just to get some of the code from the project, but that is a different story.

I think INE can make the difference as a really good Graphics and Physics Engine for procedural Universes, but I wondering if it can be easily interfaced with other “engine blocks”…

I already tried to ask, but : is there a chance to see BattleScape on XBox One (PS4 would be complicated I think, unfortunately) ?

A dev would need to confirm for you, but Keith has talked about cross platform support a long time ago iirc and recent comments suggest that Linux won’t even be supported at the minimum KS budget, so I suppose the answer to your question is no for the short to medium term and maybe for long term.

The doom trailer brings me to a great and easy to achieve idea for infinity:

By watching this trailer, I realized that the volume of the music drops at every bassy impact. This makes the impacts appear to be even louder than they actually are. This is realized, by having them actually much louder in the mix as the music and then compress/limit the sum of both with fast attack and slow release.

This could be really cool for infinity. This would make the impact of a shockwave audible. :smile:

Edit: You do tonemapping on HDR footage in xy-space. This enhancement would be like dynamic mapping on audio in the time-axis :smile:


mate i really doubt that.
Soonest you will get that is here.
They haven’t shown single shred of evidence, that they can do it.
Why ? Because they cant.
Words cost nothing.
This day and age i believe mine own eyes.

In 6 months or so, I’ll be playing Fallout 4, and I’ll probably be playing it until Doom 4 is released. I’m holding out hope that more advanced modding will be supported on the PC release of Doom. If so, I have a major beef with Bethesda now, as they’re basically threatening to eat up a full year of my life, if not more.

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Microsoft gave the creator of Day-Z a studio to play with and looks like he made a space game. :wink:

For me the Microsoft Hololens (if the presentation was not a fake) was the biggest news of this conference. The most disapointing news (again for me) was the tomb raider exclusivity…

It’s not fake, they already showcased it during the Windows 10 announcement.

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Personnally, the hololens is the only reason I could come back to Microsoft Xbox (maybe on XBox 2 or XBox 720 according to the release date)… The added gameplay on Minecraft seems to be limited, but the possibilities are limiteless for other games, and uses.

On the other way, the “exclusive Xbox” thing makes me so angry that I can’t imagine to come back soon. Thus in France we don’t need a media center, a console is enough.

Hololens is designed for Windows 10, you will be able to use it without a need for a X-One.

They were showing virtual notes stuck around your house, virtual picture/video frames, 3D design, games made to interface with your living room… You can literally, stick a virtual note on your fridge with a recipe or a shopping list.

Then it is awesome. Are they OS-dependent ? Even PC dependent ? Or can you just press the “On” button and use them ?

They are designed to be independent of a PC or any other device, but they can interface with any Windows 10 device. Essentially, it’s a little PC that you wear around your head. I’m not sure of the details, but that is how I understood it.

EA conference debriefing : A really impressive NFS, classic EA Sports resells, and this :

and that :

There is also Unravel which looks promising