Did you miss out on our Kickstarter?

No worries we’ve got you covered as our post-Kickstarter crowdsourcing page just went live! It’s being hosted on IndieGoGo: https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/infinity-battlescape/x/12890520#/

Best of all both credit cards and PayPal are accepted!


Interesting, I didn’t think Indiegogo could be used as an on-going funding platform, I figured it was just an alternative to Kickstarter. Well if it works that way then I guess it saves a lot of hassle. Look forward to a lot more funding over the next year or so.

It’s a new thing they just opened up to successful crowdsourcing campaigns on alternative platforms. Yeah it saves us a lot of hassle =).

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What happened to your own implementation, did you hit some huge hurdle?

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Oh hell, we need another hype train army. I wanna have the $600k atmospheric weather effects goal SO badly. Pleeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaase! :scream: :scream:


Very nice, lets spread it.

Why reinvent the wheel, if there’s someone who has a wheel that works well and has its own team to support it and is better tested and probably more secure and takes credit cards. The time they save creating and managing their own wheel is probably worth any money they spend on another wheel. Plus, other people get to give money to the wheel sooner.

That metaphor got weird.

Also, yay! Finally!


Because the custom wheel only sheds 2.5% of the rubber while the existing one burns rubber at 10%? :wink:

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On the other hand if both tyres have 100K microns of rubber and you have to spend 10K microns worth of rubber developing your own custom wheel then it might not be the best thing to do in the short term. Long term, of course it’s better, unless it is going to cost significantly more rubber than 10K microns.

Yes, you need to be capable of making wheels that will shed less rubber in the pre-production process.

Those 7.5 % would have been taken by the consumpted time that would have been needed to create and maintain a… well… “custom wheel”.
Therefor, by going for the existing one, they can use that time to develop the game and no cash gets lost.

Yes, I’m perfectly capable of deciphering Cray’s post that said the same thing. Anyway, to not be the ass that always complains and bitches about nothing.

Indiegogo WTF!



This is good news.

Once I have some spare cash, I’ll be supporting.


Might update the kickstarter page with the indigogo page, unless the kickstarter people have a major problem with doing that…

were we meant to have received the email yet asking for our details from the kickstarter?

Yay! Now, to buy a video card and get myself some dev access!

After Christmas.

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I haven’t seen any. Do be careful too, I’ve received some social engineering attempts before that use infinity.

I got my shiny new Alien Ware staring with red glowing eyes! :rocket: