Connecting an old account with a new one

How’d you break your legacy login? What exactly did you do?

I created an Account with the credentials of the old one, the one I’m currently using, before you fixed the import.

After creation it said: Legacy account imported.

Only thing broken is the creation date. It wasn’t transfered.

Well I tried to register through a social network, but it didn’t allow me to as this username already existed. Yesterday tried logging in with it(Though with my password hashing I needed to change the host back to infinity-universe), but at that time a 500 through XHTTP was returned. Now I obviously managed to log in if not for just one more 500 error concerning “?invalidcache=”.

Quick progress is being made.

log in system is not stable. i finally logged in with the old account but before i tryed to do it 7-8 times in various places on site and forum and have couple of errors like “bad cache” or nothing happens


Opera 12.16
Windows 7

browser identification: Opera/9.80 (Windows NT 6.1; WOW64) Presto/2.12.388 Version/12.16

Following Keith’s post on Twitter: “Ok legacy account imports are fixed. It should also properly import your original create date”, I have successfully logged in with my legacy account details.

The cache thing that you guys are talking about is not an error. It does not say ‘bad’ or ‘invalid’ cache, it says ‘invalidate’ - a verb. It is there deliberately with a random number so your browser does not show a cached version of the page.

This is a known issue and the Discourse team just checked-in a fix for it late last night. I’ll update our forums with the fix after I have a chance to do some proper testing later tonight.

I’ve tried a few times to log in using my my old username and password, but every time I do it throws me an error message say “An unexpected error prevented you from logging in” or something like that.

Thanks, you’re a boss.

I get the same “An unexpected error prevented you from logging in.”
This is different from inputting wrong user/pass combo which yields “unknown user id and password”

I hope this gets fixed smile

I wouldn’t mind being able to link my existing legacy account with a Google login. It would be quite handy as I’m always signed in to my Google account.

Not sure if that is something that would be possible.

It was possible before you logged into your account using your username and password. If you had just clicked Login and then Google it gives you the option of typing in your legacy password to port your account over to Google (or Facebook) authentication. I’m afraid at this exact moment in time there’s no other way to add Google auth to your account though I have nothing against adding the ability to do that at some point in the future - it’s just not super high priority atm.

[EDIT] @Crayfish Ok since I was feeling motivated tonight you can now connect Google or Facebook to your account as long as your Google/Facebook email is exactly the same as the one you used to create the account. To do this just login using Google or Facebook.

That brings up another topic, is there any way to change my email address? The one attached to this account is my old community manager email address.


I would like to bump the email change thing too. I imported my account (that is still using a spam email that I will delete sometime in the future) and would like to connect it to my Google account too (so have both be my Gmail email address).


Currently there’s no way to change your email address. I’ll look into adding that capability sometime in the near future as it looks like there’s a number of people who want to be able to do this.


Got a bit confused when I tried to register and it said the username was taken - surely it couldn’t have been taken yet?

Then I realised old data had been imported and I tried logging in with my old account. Hey presto! Many thanks for the transfer! :smile:

Edit: I’ve noticed my profile has a creation date of 2013, though I definitely registered on the old forums in about 2009/10 if I remember right! Waiting for a solution to this with bated breath…

Edit 2: Doh, silly me! I re-registered under this new name after ditching randomguy25. So the date on this profile is technically correct after all!

So I guess my legacy account is gone forever since I tried to re-create the account?

If you created a new account using the same email address as your old account and you didn’t import the old data then yes, it’s lost. For those of you who created a new account while legacy import was broken I’m working on a way for you to retrieve your old account.

Wow, thats a kick in the nuts. So I literally just signed up like 5 minutes ago with the exact same email address as my old account, and now I’m reading the forums and so I don’t get a “legacy” account, even though I’ve been a member since 2006? Imnotokaywiththis.jpg

If you used the same username it would’ve automatically ported your account. I’m assuming you didn’t do that?

My old user name was Captain_Trevise. As you might be able to guess, I made that a -long- time ago, and thus wasn’t quit happy with it any more. I actually requested a name change at one point, but it was decided that it was too much work to do.