Chris Roberts Just Ensured I:B Gets Funded

And probably exceed the minimum funding goal by a decent amount!

Everyone should thank himmmmm!

Note from the Chairman: Infinity Battlescape


click bait.

Did you look to see if there was another thread on the subject?


Cake probably(obviously) did not.

It’s not clickbait, (s)he’s probably just as excited as the rest of us and failed to check for an existing post. That’s all.


Oh ya, I didn’t notice there was another thread on this - sorry!

Not sure how this could be considered clickbait though, lol.

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It was Reading Bait. Use the correct tools to fight the correct fires. In this case there is no fire, so false alarm.


You sound like a delightful individual! :wink:


It’s a bit early to say that we’ll exceed the base goal by a large magin IMO.

Yup there’s a spike thanks to CR, but how big it will be and how long it will last is subject to debate. IMO it’s not going to last all that long, and it might be the 2nd or 3rd biggest spike in the campaign so far, but I think it won’t be higher than the reddit’s one. I hope I’m wrong though…


That’s how I would describe most (pretty much all?) other people on this forum. I can’t quite say all because of how many new people there are and will be in the future from the kickstarter. It just seems like a really professional place with lots of experience from each person’s respective occupation and hobbies.

If a post on Reddit, like in /r/Gaming, trends with that letter; I think that alone will generate a good amount of interest because of how well known Star Citizen is. I’m not sure how much funding that might generate specifically, but I think this event will greatly increase the certainty that this project will meet it’s minimum funding goal! :slight_smile:

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Go post it? With similarly enticing title? :wink:


Reddit gave around a $30k boost total I believe, the SC is somewhat close to a $15k-20k boost already (I’m subtracting ~$3k that is the normal daily fund) and since the SC newsletter won’t disappear in one day, like a post on reddit does, I think that it’s on a good way to bring in a bigger spike than reddit (in total over time then).

To be fair, the kickstarter was already projected to be funded before this.

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Yeah, but they’re going to post more news soon so it’s bound to fall down pretty quickly from the list. It might reach the reddit spike, but I don’t think it’s too realistic to expect 100K from it tbh. That’s all I’m saying.


Oh no, I don’t believe it’s gonna give a smooth ride to the finish line (I should have read the title of the post a bit better :P). But I think you’re gonna get a nice boost that should put you relatively (above $200k is a really good thing just in itself at this moment) close to your goal and once that happens the usual finish line push will come and push you over (as many other kickstarters has shown). It’s not certain though and we’ll have to wait and see what really happens, but one can stay a little bit positive.

//edit, I was more answering to this part rather than the first

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You know what BOTH Elite Dangerous and Star Citizen had in common, besides the fact that both David Braben and Chris Roberts pretty much created the “internet spaceships” genre?

Answer: They BOTH had separate funding platforms out side of their kick starter funding platforms.

So yeah, you guys really need to get outside of the kick starter box here, and do your own web based funding.
Kick starter is just that, a kick starter, and with out significant funding by a venture capitalist (or a publisher), you’re only gonna get so far, and you’re gonna need your own web funding to get you the rest of the way.

I’m not even kidding you here, talk to Chris, he’ll confirm exactly what I’m telling you. Don’t rely on just kick starter, or even wish for some crazy venture capitalist to kick your project into high gear, get your own web funding platform going ASAP!

They said they do plan to do that post-KS, they probably just want to funnel it all to one place until stage 2.


I’d go as far to say it was made to get the 10 likes topic badge. :smile:

Yes, we’re already working on a Paypal system to continue getting funding on our own website after the KS campaign.


Also I believe they can’t do paypal or anything else until kickstarter is finished or else their KS itself gets shut down.

In other words to allow more people to buy this amazing game after the KS campaign.

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