Capital ship debris

I think that large capital ships should not disintegrate into nothingness as they do know. The scale of the battles would greatly benefit if destroyed capital ships were leaving some debris behind (not just dust clouds), which would provide natural hazard as well as opportunities for smaller vessels.


Agreed, but we’ll revisit that in the polish phase, if at all. It’ll need additional wreckage assets, but more importantly, the server would have to track these big debris which will have a cost in terms of collisions, network bandwidth and server performance. In a single player game it’d be a no brainer, but in a multiplayer game and considering the size of our battles, with sometimes dozens of capships, we need to stay careful.

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I feel like the addition of more structures in 3D space, terrain is more valuable then a few active NPCs.

How much resources wrecks would take is the question though. If only capital ships left wrecks, it might be less then one might think if you have a reasonable timeout and a way to destroy them.
True, they have to have collisions and need to be updated by the server. Yet they don’t shoot or change course by themselves.

Anyway, for later if at all, yeah.


I agree that one big debris of a cap ship will be good for immersion


It shouldn’t be done just for the sake of immersion. It would also be a good opportunity to make Corvettes more useful as salvage vessels. Perhaps they would require to lower their shields while salvaging so as to still have the pilot on the edge for a possible incoming attack ship.

IMO, the current cap ship explosions to smithereens should only happen due to their overkill, a scenario that a close quarter combatant would try to avoid as the reactor explosion may take them out along with it. As well as have little to no salvage value.

Well… if a tree falls in a forest and nobody is there to see it, who says it is even there…? :wink:

If in the odd case a floating Cruiser wreck, whose collisions were ignored as no player was able to see it and is within the collision box of another object, say an asteroid. Have it just stick to the outer shell.

Of course way far out drifters should be outright deleted from the server.

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