Blackbird Interactive

I just discovered this incredible bit of news:

Blackbird Interactive.

It’s an honest-to-goodness Homeworld Title!!!

Even more good news… Some of the developers are from the original Homeworld development team!

It’s even been ‘blessed’ by Gearbox, the current owner of the Homeworld franchise, and Blackbird will be receiving financial and other support, along with the official ‘Homeworld’ title.

And of course, Gearbox is currently making a remastered ‘HD’ edition of Homeworld.

I’m crossing my fingers, it looks almost too good to be true!!!

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For those that don’t know:

It used to be called Hardware: Shipbreakers, and it was supposed to be a spiritual successor to homeworld.

Gearbox’s and Blackbird’s deal ( just made it official is all.


There, problem solved.


Okay, thanks.


well this is also news to me. That’s awesome stuff. I hope it lives up to the legacy.

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Same here but Gearbox…

Duke Nukem forever and Colonial Marines…

Well, at least Shipbreakers is headed by the actual devs from the original Homeworld series. On the third episode, in which you can catch a glimpse of gameplay, the layout is similar to the original series. From what I understand from the ‘remastered’ edition, Gearbox is just putting a fresh coat of paint on 1 and 2. So hopefully they won’t mess with anything crucial.

On that third episode, you see some aircraft surveying the wreck. I was immediately reminded of the way fighters moved in HW1. Oh, good times.


I meant no insult. I was just supplying information that was wasn’t present in your OP for the people who HAVEN’T been following the game as closely as we.

Looking back, I could have made that more clear.

That’s okay, I shouldn’t have jumped the gun there.


In case anybody is interested, here neat site with a bunch of original concept art etc: