Question about picture URLs on site

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I had a question concerning uploading pictures.

I uploaded the pictures above, and a little while later I got a notification saying that these images have been replaced with ones on the inovaestudios database (apparently it doesn’t like remote image urls).

I’m just curious to know if it is really downloaded to wherever this site’s server is.

If it is, I’d recommend turning this feature off, as it might really sap up whatever data allotment you have if we get a picture war up again.


I got a little war with the forum caching my images going on. But it’s ok as long as they aren’t dynamic images.

It looks like it does indeed save them … the images also stop being dynamic … meaning they are copies.

This prevents old forum threads with lots of pictures from loosing meaning when the external image hoster removes the image.

I think @INovaeKeith knows about this feature … if he doesn’t he at least should know.

Our images are stored in windows azure cloud storage which is quite cheap, ~$0.085 per gb and so far you guys have generated ~40gb. That being said the more ppl post images the more it costs us so please refrain from image wars whenever possible - at least until we have some kind of revenue ;).

Why try to host them at all, though? Is it a limitation of using Discourse?

Yeah it is

It’s not a ‘limitation’ of using Discourse. It’s a periodic job that can be disabled.

So no picture war revamp, huh?

I just use links.

Even those get autoconverted …

I know, that’s what I used. :frowning:

Well, it’s just something to keep in mind.