Beta Week-end #1 - CLOSED - post feedback here

The first Beta Week-end has just started.

Post any feedback you have ( especially if it’s your first trial of the game ) in this thread.

Screenshots / videos / etc… welcome too.


Let’s start:


Carrie update:


EDIT: Nevermind, I’ve posted in the support forum.


Love those too:


Just got my first flight in, and I absolutely loved it! Will need to get a better grasp of how to pilot a ship before I can provide some decent feedback; but off-the-cuff: I could do with a help-mode that can be toggled on/off. I quite literally got lost in space just now:rofl:.

This is exciting:grin:


Some thoughts on my keyboard layout, and re-binding functions for ease of use.

Ship Movement / Control scheme
Default setup has W as forward, S as Reverse, A, D, as left and right

I change this to W=up, S=Down, and leave A, D, as defaults
I then assign F as forward, and R as Reverse
Forward motion is controlled by setting my speed using either the mouse scroll wheel, number shortcuts, or F as needed.

I find this setup allows me to change direction more dramatically as I’m headed toward or away from a target, making my motion less predicable while in combat.

Other Changes

I change the zoom to left ctrl, (and rebind this to an extra key on my multi button mouse, for ease of access)
I then assign the previous zoom key, “Z” as the “Fire Missile” action. A much more comfortable position for a commonly used key in combat.

I’ve assigned a few functions to my multi button mouse. Fire missile, chaff, zoom, etc, so the left hand is more free to focus on ship motion / flight power.

I’ll continue to experiment with my setup. What sort of changes do you find yourselves making to improve the controls in game?


Will update this post as i play:

  • First problem i ran into is the email login doesn’t save, have to retype everything fully every time.
  • Game doesn’t default to 1080p for some reason. I ran with Fullscreen.
  • Doesn’t let me Alt+Enter to switch to Fullscreen.
  • The game runs perfectly fine graphics-wise on my Ryzen 1700 and 1050Ti.

I started by shooting my teammates because they were red even though i chose to log in as blue team. Really confusing to have red as a friendly. Atmospheric flight worked fine. I won’t say anything about the interface or controls or aesthetics because it’s too early for that. But the game does work, all it needs now is the UI, battle mechanics and content (pretty much the entire game \o/). Crashed my corvette into one of the planets because the fatass wouldn’t change course. One thing i did miss was a small reticule to show me where my shots were landing in respect to the target (this can change a lot with strafing).


Keep the feedback coming ; it’s especially valuable if this was your first attempt at playing, and found many things confusing or too hard to understand.

I noticed a lot of newbies have problems figuring out the warp mechanics. They all try to accelerate past the automatic safe warp speed limit, and end up crashing into planets / disengaging the warp drive when taking damage. Pretty painful to watch, when all you have to do is to let your ship computer adjust the speed automatically :wink:


Well. There’s still the bug that when you try to actively try to decelerate it actually decelerates you slower in some situations then the automatic computer …

Problem arises from the manual override having priority and it having a fixed acceleration where the computer does not have a fixed acceleration/deceleration and sometimes … especially when breaking during a decent … goes faar above what the manual overdrive would allow with its fixed acceleration/deceleration.


I quite like this! It binds us all with a shared trauma when we first start playing! Then we learn to slow down… :joy:


Spacebar for warp. I never toggle auto-assist anyway.

I remapped everything cause i need a pretty specific key layout to have it be close to what i use in different games. What i find particularly useful vs. the default stuff is using all the cycle-through options that Flavien added over time and that help me to not having to either go through a radial menue or lift my hand to reach further away keys. E.g. 2 keys to step up/down target speed instead of reaching 0-9; Cycling through power overcharge options with one key, cycling through flight mode options with one key. Time - and lifesavers in an Interceptor where things just happen so fast.


I d/loaded the insaller to D: but it wants to install to C: but I don’t have the room on C: is there a work round??

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You should have been given the option to change the installation path the same way you changed the install path for the launcher.

This looks a bit strange… (odd pattern on the gas giant)

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Been like this for a while, I guess it’s not a priority to fix right now.

The carrier is awesome.

Edit: I just died in the carrier and when it switched to the spawning screen, the game crashed and exited.


One thing that was a minor inconvenience: On a 15 inch display, it can be a tad hard to read text. UI-/Text- scaling might be something to keep in mind, if it isn’t already in the game (haven’t really taken a look at all the options yet).