Battlescape Player Videos

A place for player videos from the Infinity:Battlescape Prototype … extend doesn’t matter, be it clip showing off feature, a cruise, a battle or machinima.

Showing off an interesting behaviour in Prototype

EPILEPSY WARNING / Contains flashing imagery!

Don’t worry. At reasonably re-entry speeds of … say 400km/s (not 2000km/s like in the video) you get a less extreme behaviour with one or two slow spins and a overshoot of the world.
Nothing to change here … lowering the transonic/supersonic multiplier for ships to go faster near ground level will also lower the severity of this effect.

Didn’t touch any controls during the descend … the character camera … snapping its neck … is kinda a glitch. :stuck_out_tongue:


Come on TARS! :stuck_out_tongue:


That motion blur is really nice.

Yeah I got the same effect here: was cruising very fast to a planet and engaged Auto-Pilot near surface: was kind of like the movie Tron and the MCP rotation. Very cool. And I did not crash.

First time using my Space Mouse with the Infinity:Battlescape Prototype

All 6 axis are controlled with one hand. Pretty tricky, especially with flight assist off.


That would be difficult to control multiple axis at once :confused: Is it possible to use in conjunction with a joystick? or are the number of controller inputs limited at the moment?

Ha. Nah that’s just my experiment. I plan to use the SpaceMouse in just 4 Axis configuration and use the superior mouse. Only when looking arround will I probably use all 6.

People already tried Joysticks and Gamepads. It worked but everyone said it’s harder to controll then with the mouse, which we anticipated, didn’t we.

The Input Mapper Flavien made is really solid. You can add whatever axis you want. It also seems to have the option of using two analogue input devices simultaniously, although the launcher only allows for one at the moment. In the meantime there are 3rd Party tools that allow you to combine Joysticks.

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Good to know. When I upgrade my pledge I plan to use the new Grifta controller when it ships in a few months and also test out the EDTracker that I’m building which basically acts as a joystick.

here was nothing important

You are aware that nobody understands what you are trying to say, right? Like every post you make.

You either switch ships before you launch the game in the launcher or you die/kill yourself with F9.

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too short…

I like the concept, though.

Good start, @pictbrige. :smiley:

Good idea with the rewinds :slight_smile:

meh i waste 2 hours and dont save project. yaya cut, need rework.:clap: mby. original music from Belarussia oneBYone Ft. Alaine - I Try


PLEASE re-record the part between 0:48-1:01 and go all the way to the mountains! :open_mouth:

I just wanna set it to fullscreen and just watch without blinking. Just a smooth ride across the landscape just like that.

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Something like that or not?

I just put link to vegas extension you can change anything what not like


too short…

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You may enjoy this video (2:02 mark):