Asteroid backer week-end and patch - FEEDBACK


It should still be possible to manually turn the capital ship towards the camera with R, even when auto-turn is off. I forgot if it’s press-and-forget or if you need to hold it, but in the second case I could change it to work like the old behavior.

For the front / back radar: I’ve been considering moving them on the bottom center of the screen for a while now. They’d be located where the spherical radar is at the moment, if you do not use the spherical radar. If you do use the spherical radar, that’d be 3 radars at the bottom of the screen… not sure how people would like this idea.


  • Front and back radars are much closer together, easier to look at a glance.
  • This frees up the top-left and top-right corners for your ship or the target ship’s information


  • Will cover the bobblehead
  • Will look quite heavy at the bottom of the screen if cumulated with the spherical radar

If you have better ideas in terms of layout, I’m all ears :slight_smile:


With the radars where they are. Top right and top left. I never get any use out of them. so moving them to the center might be a good idea. But even then, I’m questioning their use entirely at this point. They don’t provide any good information that pressing ctrl and looking wouldn’t do better.


That’s fine, that’s why you don’t have to use them. But the opposite also applies: some people do not like or use the spherical radar at all. Case in point: Sab1e, just a few posts above.

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Would it be possible to get rid of the multiple reticle with a gimbal that automatically aims i.e. if we take the machingun as the reticle reference and gimbal the blasters, we keep only the machinegun reticle and the gimbal tracks for the blasters?
It might fall apart at high transversal velocity/close range if the gimbal angle is too narrow.
For capitals, have the same mechanism with the turrets.
I hope it is somewhat understandable.


It’d be possible for the “static” configuration we use now, but remember we’ll have upgrades soon, and nothing would prevent a player from installing non-gimbaled weapons. So it’s not really a solution in general.


An idea… Put the forward radar in bottom-middle, where the spherical currently is. Leave the back radar where it is like a rear view mirror in a car. Also, make them both a bit smaller so they are less intrusive - I think they need that anyway.

Then options to select either:

  • Front/rear radar (as described)
  • Spherical radar only
  • Spherical + rear radar
  • None

Also, possibly fade out the forward radar in combat HUD mode? It’s not useful in combat, but the rear one is.

In fact, I would be totally happy with ONLY the rear radar top left. It’s there if I need it, but declutters the rest of the screen to make way for more useful info… And beauty. Target info could go where the spherical radar is.


Hmm no. Whatever we do, the layout needs to be compatible with whatever radar options are selected. If you decide to put the target info in the bottom center, where the spherical radar currently is, then where do you put the spherical radar ?

Note: spherical radar doesn’t work well at corners, I already tested, due to the helmet deformation.

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Sab1e strolled into the bar and saw it there once again. The dreaded sphere. It haunted his nightmares. Now, it was sitting, sipping a strong whiskey and looking smug. Slowly, Sab1e reached behind the counter for the infinitely sharp cleaver he knew must be there. This could only end one way…


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Here is my (long) feedback from my weekend gameplay. I have experience with game engines and space simulation, so I’ll try to provide very specific feedback on positive and negative points. This has been the first time playing Infinity Battlescape for me.

Overall, I had a good experience playing Infinity Battlescape, and I wish I had had more time to play. Let me start with the good points. Once I had everything installed and was in, there were no major problems. I had a good framerate on the highest quality settings. I felt it was quick and easy to learn the basic ship controls, and it was definitely useful to be able to bring up the help menu. The environment, scale, and ship physics seemed very realistic, and is the best I’ve seen in a space game. The UI is well designed and does a good job of indicating ship status, threats, objectives, etc. I especially like the radar as it feels both useful and unobtrusive. The transition from slow combat speeds to fast travel between destinations (warp) is an excellent solution to the problem of scales.

I did have a few problems though. From the technical side, the first install went smoothly. Then there was an update on Sunday, and the update failed. I had to spend an hour deleting and reinstalling the game twice before I got it working again. I think these issues need to be worked out before the actual release date, though I’m sure it’s being worked on. That’s the point of this testing weekend.

I found it difficult to locate my objectives. There’s a battle going on at some station/factory, and I want to participate. But where exactly is that location? When I first started, I had no idea where anything was. You can click on a planet/moon and get it’s name, but only if there’s no station/factory near where you clicked. When you’re in warp, the white/purple warp effect makes it difficult to read names, and if you’re not careful the auto-accelerate will run you into the planet atmosphere while you try clicking around to find the right station. Most of the time I had to drop out of warp to get my bearings. Maybe some other indicator/mode can be added for locating battle locations? Maybe there’s something that I missed. I’m sure that after playing for long enough I would just remember where everything was.

At one point I couldn’t enter a planet’s atmosphere due to radiation damage. I couldn’t figure out what the solution was. Do I try to fly quickly through the radiation layer and get below it? Do I have to approach the planet from a different direction? Do I need to enable some sort of weapon/effect/widget that counters radiation? Do I need to select a different ship type? I never figured it out, so I went to a space station instead.

One time when I respawned I seemed to be stuck in the hangar bay. I’m not sure what I was stuck on, it looked like my ship was clear of obstacles. It took me a few minutes of mashing the movement keys to finally jitter my ship to freedom. This only happened once in the dozens of times I respawned - collision detection bug?

One time my ship was damaged and down to a tiny fraction of armor left, and I spun out of control for several minutes. It was at a factory on an asteroid, and I got stuck under the factory, bouncing back and force between the factory and the asteroid while spinning at a nauseating speed. I think I was occasionally taking collision damage, which is why it took so long for my ship to be repaired. Eventually I was able to recover and get out of there. Some amount of out-of-control spinning is fun and realistic, but this was too much. I’m not sure what in the physics system caused that. Doesn’t a real ship eventually lose its kinetic energy due to collisions and stop bouncing?

At one point I was repeatedly spawning at a station with no friendly ships around and about 5 different enemy ships, most of which were bigger than mine. I guess they were attacking the station. As soon as I came out of hangar I immediately had multiple missiles locked on me. I died about 5-6 times before I was able to warp out of range of the missiles. Even then, someone else followed me and I had to take some asteroid impact damage by flying too fast in the atmosphere to get away from them. This wasn’t very fun. How is the spawn point chosen? Is there some way to select a different one?

I don’t quite understand what causes ammo to refill. Sometimes I was out of missiles and projectiles, other times it kept getting refilled. Is it tied to battle kills, friendly ships/locations, etc?

Explosions look great, and feel big. This game has some of the best explosions I’ve seen. However, they don’t work so well when a dying capital ship (cruiser I think) collides with your interceptor and explodes against it. It looked like it started as a spherical ball of hull plates that expanded out from the center at a few frames per second. I guess I was inside the explosion volume and too close to the ball of parts for whatever LOD system there is to work properly. Maybe, at the very least, the hull plates should be arranged based on the shape/volume of the ship, and there should be some max number drawn at any time. Though I really have no idea how your explosion system works internally. Also, I seemed to take very little damage from that explosion, even though it threw me across the system. That was nice but … unexpected.

A few times I got in the path of two battling capital ships and I was hit by some shots that made a deafening roar and sent my ship flying. But I didn’t seem to take any damage? Was I hit by friendly fire that did no damage, are there some types of weapons that don’t damage smaller ships, was it some force/blast radius but non damaging effect, or is that a bug?

Overall though, these are minor issues. They wouldn’t stop me from playing (except for maybe the installer problem). 90% of the time the game played just fine and was fun. You have to expect a few issues like this in a game that’s so complex. So I’m just throwing all of these minor issues out there in case any of them are unknown and/or easy to fix. Thanks!


Do you know which one? Radiation damage is a new thing for the sun and the gas giant if you get too close. But it shouldn’t happen with any of the other worlds.


It happened to me too, for the first time since I first installed a couple years ago.

Bases, stations, and planets orbits are randomly re-located each match, so there is no way of remembering them.

We have now have at least the possibility to select an objective in the mission tab of the ESC menu: select then click “set as target” or something similar.

You can set a “target speed” in warp like in normal travel (1-0 keys or mouse wheel. 1 will set target to 0 and eventually drop you out of warp though). I often do to look around without dropping out of warp.

I think you mean micrometeorite damage. It happens when you exceed safe speed, so just decelerate and it should disappear.

Yes, left, right click to cycle available spawn location in the spawn screen.

Ammo gets refilled when you approach a friendly corvette (<1km). Look for the wrench icon. See this post Tutorial for Beginners for more info on resupplying.

Defeaning roar and, ship sent flying and little damage sounds like ship collision to me.

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I can’t remember who said this originally and I can’t find the quote, but I have just remembered I want to voice support for NPC carriers being more useful spawn points.

Currently, I rarely see carriers, except in the largest battles that go on for a while. Even then, the AI won’t let it stay still long enough to spawn at (I’m assuming movement is why I can never seem to spawn at them).

Could we have some sort of “Request spawn” command? For NPC this could make it hold position until you spawn. For players, it could flash a notification that can be accepted or declined, then the player sorts it out.

Having more frequent carriers scattered through the game would really help the pacing of attacks, particularly for newcomers. I’m not saying have one for every battle, but increased probability from where it is.

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I think it already works that way, but carriers are so big it takes ages to stop.


If that’s the case, perhaps the NPC carriers need some flying lessons and encouragement to stay below certain speeds. :smile:


Finding/targeting objectives, even when you know where they generally are, can be annoying with the number of other targets surrounding the desired target. I propose that this could be resolved by having a contextual radial menu similar to the comms and systems menu (c, x) appear when holding down the target button. All destinations included in a circular area centered around the cursor will populate the list, and a single target can be selected.

General Suggestion Mega Thread LOOK HERE FIRST

Okay this ideal is seriously brilliant, and not even an extra button needed! Awesome!

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AI Carriers already stop when a player is waiting to spawn at them. Player carriers get a notification message that a player is waiting ( unless it was broken recentl y? haven’t tested in a while ).

Carriers don’t move that fast, 100 m/s iirc, so if they were moving at the moment you tryied to respawn they can take up to 10 seconds to slow down. You don’t see a message telling you to wait a bit for the carrier to slow down though, so new players might not be aware of that mechanism and that’s indeeed a problem.

Another big issue with carrier is that the AI doesn’t treat carriers in any spefific way. They’re just like a destroyer or a cruiser with an extra mechanic. That means AI carriers try to attack cruisers and do not have the concept of “staying safe away far from the battle, especiallt enemy capships”. So their survivability is minutes after the battle started. It’s definitely on the todolist to tune that.

In the same way, AI corvettes know nothing about repairing / resupplying allies, they just fly and attack other ships like an interceptor. We’ll also make them automatically fly towards allies in need at some point.


Or old players apparently. :rofl: I’m really looking like a noob today!

Great solution!

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Or a mine.

About Arks idea how to deal with cluttered icons. It would work and I agree it sounds pretty straightforward, though there are usually at least hundred things to select at a battle site.
Consolidation on top of that would help declutter the screen too. Being able to select right away what you want and not having to do it again once closer is cool though.


I Think he meant that only the mission targets are displayed in the circle.
Another target that could be added to the circle would be tagged enemies, let’s say a squad mate or team commander would tag enemies or other targets, the menu could be used to quickly select these without relying on yet another hotkey.