Tutorial for Beginners


Still valid in

The scanner is available only on interceptors, and must be activated manually from one of the radial menues. Note that it increases your ship signature, making it very easy to detect for the enemy team.

The spikes represent a station, base or an enemy ship.
Objects appear as a target labelled “Unknown” once close enough (around 10^2 km maybe).

The spike shifts to red and to the right when you move away from the target and shifts to green when you approach (proportionally from your relative velocity and maybe approach angle).

It can be very subtle:

Very green despite the low velocity. Might be due to the perfect angle (the signature I was hunting was already scanned and I was nowhere near its direction when I started to look around. The signature comes from the ships there I think)

There is no other directional information, so you must fly around to figure out in which direction a target might be (approach until distance starts to increase again, look around for an unknown object, try again in another direction).
Flying at high altitude give you more speed and therefore better relative speed indication. The last station I scanned was at 600km altitude.
There is a shortcut to change scanning frequency but it does nothing for me, you’ll have to figure it out.


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Top Post says Current as of 3/10/2018
Is the Information in here still mostly valid or should I simply jump into the game this weekend?


It’s still 98% valid.

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Some general HUD info (

Ingame HUD description (from ESC menu)

With fowrad facing radar…

Ship icons

Interceptor and bomber:
Corvette and destroyer (a destroyer here):
Also used by haulers:
Cruiser an carrier (cruiser here):

Station/base icons


Ammunition icons

Missile icons (spinning):
Missiles are good against interceptors, bombers and corvettes, useless above.

Torpedoes icons (spinning):
Torps are worth expanding against capitals (destroyer and above), but can be very effective against corvettes too.

Mine icons:

Resupply/repair icons

Corvettes can resupply and repair the hull of corvettes and below. The effect is triggered when below approx. 1km (sparks rotating around the ship). The corvette must not be taking damage for a few seconds to be able to resupply.
Nearest out of screen corvette:
Allied stations and some bases allow resupplying. A resupply spot glows blue when available, green when resupplying, red when not available (wrong spot for ship type, wrong faction, enemy interceptor clipping the volume). Destroyed hangars/docks have no glowing indicators.

For interceptors and bombers (6 spots):

For corvettes (2 spots):

Hangar exterior. Notice the scaffolding difference.
For capitals:

Asteroid backer week-end and patch - FEEDBACK
Feedback after my first real gameplay session

Ship types (

Small ships

Interceptor, the starting ship.
Armament: missiles, blasters, machinegun.
Roles: scouting, fighting interceptors, bombers and corvettes, destroying mines and turrets.

Armament: missiles, torpedoes (mutually exclusive activation), machinegun, shotgun (mutually exclusive activation), blasters.
Roles: Anti-capital and installations with torpedoes.

Armament: missiles, auto-aiming (but manually firing) blaster and kinetic turrets.
Roles: Support against small ships and resupply.

Capital ships

Armament: Missiles, torpedoes, mines, kinetic and blaster turrets (small auto-aiming and firing, heavy manually aiming and firing), flak cannons.
Roles: light assault and anti-capital, minelaying. Anti-small ship capabilities.

Armament: torpedoes, missiles, kinetic and blaster turrets (small auto-aiming and firing, heavy manually aiming and firing).
Roles: heavy assault and anti-capital. No defense against small ships.

Armament: Missiles, kinetic and blaster turrets (small auto-aiming and firing, heavy manually aiming and firing), flak cannons.
Roles: mobile spawnpoint for small ships (needs to be immobile for spawning), armament similar to a destroyer without mines and torpedoes, so mostly point defense.

Detailed Gameplay Info?

nice additions @Argopeilacos

i also added some tips about how to find a base easier now, since we have the TAB menus to set bases as target with.

II went through and updated anything that sounded innaccurate, but i do think this tutorial will need a proper full rewrite nearer the advertising push, probably with a lot of convenient images like Argo has done.


so where do I go to get my ships hull repaired and weapons rearmed while flying a cruiser?


At the cap ship spawn stations.


Capital spawn station picture:


Updated for steam release, made sure everything is up to date


Fleshed it out some more and added some links as of @INovaeHutchings request.

I started the “FAQ” section. This section is more for people already ingame and asking questions.
Many of us have seen and answered thousands of them during the Early Access Launch and afterwards. I would be glad if you could expand that list.

Also feel free to further expand and edit the actual tutorial if you see ways to do so.

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nice work !!!

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Low Tech Gaming made / is making a Tutorial Series !


Oh hey, the Devs sneakily put a video tutorial series on the Youtube channel and did not link it here yet:

Some words for the forum text fairy …


(With the playlist)


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I’ve submitted English transcripts to YouTube’s translation system for verification. Auto-generated ones were already ~99% accurate, I just fixed the syntax. Except for Tutorial 02, where YouTube believes @INovaeHutchings was speaking Russian, possibly from phrases he took as a :ru: double agent in Alaska. :wink:

[edit] see if you can switch the Video language of 02 to English.
[edit2] didn’t help, I transcribed the contents manually…