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A long time follower here of I:tqfe and I want to make an introduction for myself onto the forum.  I used to have a relatively old account back on the forum of past years but haven’t had access to it in what seems like a decade.  Although I have not been heard from doesn’t mean I haven’t been around. The outlet of twitter and Keith’s blogger page has given me the opportunity to stay up to date on news.  I will however be catching up on most of what has been discussed here so please don’t get mad if I bump a couple of posts.

Time occasionally seems to go by so fast in life to where you don’t realize it until something reminds you of what used to be regular.  It was like yesterday when I think back to intially discovering the masterful work by @INovaeFlavien after searching for a game to fill the void of Jumpgate Evolution being cancelled.  Forum member @selbie should remember!  The cancellation bummed me out but in reality I knew there had to be something else.  Finding the original tech demo shortly after it’s release changed everything!  Unfortunately by that time the combat prototype servers were dying.

Now is the time for InfinityAdmin to shine. The man, in my opinion, is a pure genius! With that said, I must acknowledge where credit is due.  Keith is a blessing to the vision of what has been wanted throughout.  All of those days and nights putting in work on the inovae engine has practically already paid off.  Aside from Dan Hutchings, sorry in advance to the other five most recent team members aquired since Keith’s addition as I have not gotten accustomed to their names yet.

In retrospect I can honestly say that I’m relieved the engine of today has been profoundly tuned over the last three or so years.  Needless to say, I have more money now than what I had then to spend on a machine. Oh, and kickstarter; I can hardly wait for those tiers!  Infinity:Battlescape is our new hope for a popular Infinity MMO with a booming economy that we’ve wanted for so long.

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Many of the artists have been involved or on the dev team well before Keith’s arrival, we just have different forum names now.

New Developer Names

Nice to see another enthusiast return to the ranks! I am sure your sentiments are echoed by many of the core group here.

Nice to meet you!

Today I started the journey of catching up on all forum posts from oldest to newest. When reading your reply, I didn’t go directly to the forum but rather via email. The link didn’t immediately catch my attention. I just now manually read your topic and then discovered the link in your reply. Hopefully you didn’t feel insulted after I made you and the others out to be “new” members.

Nope :smile:
I knew this was likely to happen when we all went to the INovae-Names

you cant hide behind your new handle whitedwarf!.. Wait, is it? Im not even sure. Godamnit.

Just start typing @Gene and you’ll find the droid you’re looking for.