New Developer Usernames

Hello everyone. As you can see, the developers are sporting new user names, I want to translate them for you :smile:

(New - Old)

INovaeFlavien - InfinityAdmin
INovaeKeith - Keith Newton
INovaeGene - WhiteDwarf
INovaeKristian - spAce
INovaeAndre - Zidane888
INovaeJan - Stannum
INovaeDan - Hutchings


You can bug the devs by tagging them in posts with the @ symbol:

@INovaeJan woof woof woof

There is a French in your team? Or you are a French company?

The devs are from all over the world. Flavien lives in the french speaking part of Belgium.

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Along with the new forum structure… I’m not sure I can take all this change at once.

shivers in corner; mumbles to self


Is that a good idea? Newcomers might have you jumping all over the place – especially IA, as he is mentioned lots of times.

Nah, cuz everyone will still just call him IA and forget the tag…!


Not quite sure I understand you?

He means whenever someone uses @INovaeFlavien he’ll receive a notification about that post. Could become spammy.

Personally I don’t think that’ll be much of an issue. I expect people will refer to people as IA, Keith, Jan, etc and only go to the (minor) effort of using the @FullUsername tag when they think it’s warranted.

Newcomers who might think a tag is warranted when it’s not are probably going to be unaware of who the devs are, and unaware of the @ tag feature anyway.


Ah, that makes sense ;p

This is going to take quite a bit of getting used to.

Ah man, I miss Hutchings, glad to see he’s still working with you.


It will take some time before i can translate the old and new names in my head. But good to see that some people are on board that have always contributed top notch stuff. Makes me very optimistic regarding art style and visual quality.

Edit: This forum needs better smilies.

We at least need some sort of button so we can choose and click instead of checking a different webpage and typing. :sweat:

Lovely how there are 3 ways to make he exact same p** emoji :slight_smile:

But yeah. We need at least a similar panel of the most used emoji and colors like we had in the old forums.