Art Challenges for Infinity Fan Art (Challenge 4 - An Infinity Short Story - Ended! - Winner: ThornEel!)

Do you guys have a revised/final list yet, @INovaeKeith?

No we’ve been focusing on getting the videos finished, we’ll get back to it soon.


I think leave it open - Just something set in the Infinity universe.

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2000 words feels short, but that could be a good exercise. Having a short, complete text is actually often an extra challenge. Maybe make it more of a target? It’s not like we should reject a 2006 words text, eh?
And without a target, some of us may go a bit overboard :smile:

Whether free or specific, I would go either way. In fact, my mind is already starting to ponder at some ideas…

Edit: scrap that, let’s go for free - I know exactly what I want to write!

Challenge 4 - An Infinity Short Story

A short story it is then! I hope we get a large attendance for this particular competition since I know from all those awesome RP posts in the Wolf Games that we have a large pool of talented writers here!

Challenge category: Fan stories

Time: 2 months (until Sunday 20th of September)


A short story based in the Infinity universe with preferably 2000 words. It is not a hard limit but contestants should keep their stories at least below 2500 to qualify.

Check the original lore and timeline for inspiration:



Use this separate thread for the submissions:

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How about “contestants should keep their stories at least below 2500 if they want the deadline extended, anything arriving in the next 2 months can be War and Peace”? Would be an interesting exercise.

Of course you’ll still want to stick to a sub-2000 word story if you want to win. I mean, I’ll read through anything up to 200k words as long as it’s half decent (just please mention that it’s that long before I start reading, prefer my Kindle over the current forum theme), but even if it’s the best thing I’ve ever read, and the only submission to the competition, I absolutely will post TL;DR as the reason I voted for someone else.

I have no problems with longer stories. I will probably read them anyway. But I would keep a limit for qualified stories to make them more digestible for the audience and voters.

By the way. Everyone who wants to join the challenge please make a post with a bolded

I’m in

Even if you already hinted about participating before the challenge was announced.

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I’m in

I’d like a specific theme for the story, especially given that we don’t have a defined lore for the game. Do we just use whatever we can remember from the old forums as the basis of the story? I dropped two stories when the developers were trying to assemble a writing team. I can easily just post one of those.

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I think the latest published version of the lore and everything we used to know about the Infinity universe has to work as a basis for the story since that’s all we got.

I got the sense that people would prefer an open and undefined theme as long as it’s based in the Infinity universe. But for those who prefer a specific theme I would suggest that defining battle in the great Delta - Star Fold war (I’ve forgot the name of the battle but I recall it was a cool one).

No graphics? Ok I’ll try, no promises though.
It was a dark and stormy night…


I take that as an “I’m in:wink:

Sounds fun.

I’m in

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I kinda like this idea…

I’m in

So for those of us who don’t remember the lore too well, is there a wiki of information we can read up on? I just remember that deltan are ultra militaristic and the starfold is the industrial faction and not much more than that…

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I have a lot of lore filed away from when I was leading the story team. However I understand a lot of that lore is changing for various reasons and it could be damaging to a submitted story’s integrity to use it. Unless a dev team member can provide some current lore (don’t hold your breath as they have more pressing priorities) it’s probably best to write a fairly generic story that can fit with the media that has already been publicly released.

I don’t think it really matters if a fan story turns out to be inconsistent with official lore that gets published later. For now it’s just a bit of fun.

I have some stuff on my PC but its boxed up for a few weeks while I’m moving

I’m in.

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I even had a title for this one bit: Vae Victoris
But nope, I’m definitely doing something else. I just don’t see how the conclusion to something as epic as the Star Fold independence war can be summed up in 2000 words :smile:

And of course, I’m in

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I’d love to but I won’t be participating, no time. I’m really looking forward to reading what you guys put together. I’ve got some topic suggestions though :wink:

  1. Archaeological team working in a fringe system comes across odd artifact, (planetary or in deep space) of unknown origin.

  2. Experimental FTL Drive, or Regular FTL drive failure, leaving the ship suspended in FTL “Space” - Exploring the psycological impact such an event would have on passengers, and how, if possible, could they escape their eventual fate?


Hush Hutchings, don’t give away my general theme to everyone.

Also I’m in

reads through the second suggestion and sighs
… dammit …