Art Challenges for Infinity Fan Art (Challenge 4 - An Infinity Short Story - Ended! - Winner: ThornEel!)

Im protesting with a vote for this, screw all the rest of you lot, you can take your official competition and feed it to an anteater! damnit @BenThuro, why must you tease with such a great design.

ok ok, i will relent. Ill have to vote for @IIIOO for the simple elegance of it, lucas’ is certainly elegant but its also a lot more complex, especially with those those pillars


I have to vote for @IllOO 's design, mainly because that shield is begging to be printed in metal, given a black painted patina finish and rub… and then fitted with a broach pin on the back. That’s my reasoning.


Any 3D modeller who wants to see this, make me a model (.stl plz) and I’ll print it in copperfill. Broachpin and shipping not included, but I can send you a photo.


Aye, that’s exactly what I was thinking of doing :wink:

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I missed the deadline for the voting. Sorry about that… Voting has closed!

The clear winner of this challenge is:

@IllOO with this design

2nd place:
LucasFIN with this design

3rd place:
No third place in this challenge as only 2 designs were completed.

Congratulations to IllOO and all the contestants and thanks to all who voted! :smile:
I will add the graphics to the Old Guard thread as soon as I can edit them again.


Now that the winner has been selected. I give you a WIP shot of the 3D Printable Pin.

When it’s ready I’ll post the STL here for everyone to download, or upload it to shapeways and make it available.

I may still give it a slight curve along the longest axis, and still need to put the pin anchors in place, but for the most part it’s ready to Print. (assuming it passes the 3D printer requirements, which it should)

Inexpensive latch pins for backside mount.


Congrats on a wonderful design :smiley:
@Hutchings, yes please for the pin!

I want one :slight_smile:

July 18th. If you can have it ready (or not quite ready but still downloadable) by then I’ll not only have it printed at my local library, I’ll have it printed while helping them host a LAN party. The printers tend to draw an audience, let me know a few days in advance if you want me to put a particular link on a post-it note on the outside of it (you, too, @IllOO).

If you can’t have it ready by then (I know you guys prefer absolutely perfection and then some before releasing anything) that’s fine, I’ll just get it done next time I’m there.


First of all, THANK YOU - and thank you for voting for me. You all rock!

This is what I love so much about this community, it’s one of the few civilized, constructive, respectful, serious, social, active and friendly communities on the web that I know of. Almost everybody is writing a wall of text just to explain in a very comprehensible way why they vote for whom. You even get feedback and criticism - the most valuable thing of all. I am not only refering to this thread. This forum and its users in general are awesome - and of course the Devs - especially @Hutchings :heart: Thanks for keeping us alive in a weekly rythm. I want to pin that shield-pin on my chest so hard right now :slight_smile: Great job! (btw. how about making it a pledge bonus for kickstarter, I know we had that discussion about items already, but still…)

Ok, anyway. Thank you all once again. @LucasFin - tell me what you need to establish the Old Guard Thread and I will provide it asap. I am currently 150% busy with my final graduation project for university. Tomorrow is the presentation :scream: So it may be delayed a few days.

See you in space, cowboys!


I downloaded that pack of yours before the voting started. So all I need right now is for that editing right for old posts in Discourse :smile:

If all else fails I will have to start a new thread for the group. Not to mention some other threads as well…
In a community that has always preferred one thread per subject and reminded new people to search for existing threads for a particular subject before starting a new thread, I find it funny that this stiff system in Discourse encourages us to do the exact opposite.

But the Old Guard is for pre-Kickstarter devotees.

To be honest, I’d be much more interested in cuff-links than a badge. Would a cuff-link size cast work?

I am sure that if enough people flag your post it will get hidden, and then 10 mins later it will be editable.
I thought 2 TL3 users flagging it would be sufficient but evidently not.

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But editable for how long? For another 6 months? Or just once? I might need to edit it every now and then.

A cast, absolutely. Just look at what can be done with much-smaller-than-cufflink Warhammer figurines. To 3D print it in cuff-link size, however, you’d need a… somewhat more advanced 3D printer than what I, at least, have access to.

Honestly not certain which option would be more expensive, but if you’re set on cuff links I can refer you to a sculptor I know with cast-making experience.

I was thinking the same, but… realistically, they’d either have to find a company specializing in (making a profit off of) printing things like this, or buy their own 3D printer (~$2499), a bunch of pins, and then spend an obscene amount of time printing, gluing, and shipping. Not to mention getting the legalities sorted with you, I mean I assume you wouldn’t mind them using it, could look good on a résumé, but there would still need to be papers signed and sent saying so, all of which takes time.

I mean, yes, most of that time would be waiting for the 3D printer to print the next batch (of badges), but trust me, if there’s a 3D printer running nearby you just wont be able to look away.

Far better for each of us to just print it for our personal use. No laws against that. Not where I live, at any rate.

Perhaps not applied to The Old Guard pin, but other pins could be an option. I’ll discuss with the team at our next meeting, or at some point during the week. It could be something the community could get in on as well, perhaps with regard to the pin designs etc.

As for the manufacture and distribution concerns for physical rewards, we’d need to find a service that could handle the manufacture and distribution for us. We don’t need to spend time on something that could be better spent elsewhere :wink:

As mentioned earlier, I’ll bring it up with the other Devs. Thanks for your thoughts!

Easily done, the current model hasn’t been scaled yet, and adding a cuff-link hook to the back takes little time. I’ll make a second version for you and anyone else that wants a variant. Perhaps a necklace pendant too :slight_smile:


Just once. And then if it gets flagged again, shit gets real.

So yeah… @INovaeKeith needs to change the edit window in the settings to years.


Time for a new challenge?

Time to decide on the next art challenge. Let’s see what type of an art challenge would get the most participants.

Pick an option below (or a few) and let me know if you would be taking part in that particular type of a challenge. Or if you would just like to see such a challenge next without participating yourself.

  1. Concept Art

  1. Modeling

  1. Team work (for ex. Concept + Modeling)

  1. Fan Stories

  1. Music

  1. Non-Infinity related art challenges

  1. Something else (what exactly?)


P.S. I’m still waiting for a reply from @INovaeKeith on the editing right of old posts. So I can only update the status of this next challenge in the title.

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I’d be interested in Short Stories - I don’t recall seeing any in the past.
I think there’d have to be a max word count of about 2000 so that stuff got done within a reasonable timeframe?


I would also like to see a challenge on stories (or music) but as I stated before I wouldn’t be taking part in those challenges (because lack of skills).

I’d join in on a short story challenge.