Any chance other people can build a mans game with the engine?

hi, i want to know if there’s any chance that this engine could be released like unreal engine did with theirs where company wins 5% of the income from games users create?

I think they’ll be wanting to finish the engine first before they discuss licensing deals

And the game. Don’t forget the game :stuck_out_tongue:

Well…yes. But they can’t license the engine until it’s finished and fully functional.

Which probably won’t be until after the game releases anyway.

We would like to provide a public SDK similar to CryEngine and Unreal Engine at some point but, as others have mentioned, our focus is on finishing I:B first. If I:B does well at retail then hopefully soon after we’ll be able to provide broader access to our technology.


if the game doesn’t do well in retail, will you consider making the biggest real cash economy video-game universe in computer history yourself?

No I’m afraid not.

ok very well, thank you for listening and reply. in any case i just would like to add that the difference we are talking here is from a virtual environment set in the biggest universe ever seen, where people (players) going to live their lifes or from a game where you wait for people (buyers) to just throw a bucks at it and force themselves to play when they arrive home from work cause they payed. probably we just have different concepts of what is a video-game online and doing well.

I’d rather like them to finish the game they’re currently building first, thanks

This again. You’ve posted this before and you’ve received the same answer before…twice.

Please step away from the dead horse! :racehorse:


man, guys, you guys… dudes why you hate me so much? please, i apologize any rudeness from my behalf, can you forgive me? i’m just trying to explain my point of view, i didn’t payed to have an opinion.

There’s no hate here, just exasperation.

We’ve already discussed before with you why we don’t think your suggestions are the right approach for this game at this time. I don’t see what you think has changed in that time since you were last here.

To add further explanation…

I-Novae are investing a lot of time and resource on building new engine technologies to allow realistic portrayal of space combat in a realistically scaled universe. At the moment, all the development expertise is geared around engine development, and the engine itself is (presumably) tailored to do large scale procedural generation.and cope with large single-instance playing fields, rather than “cheating” like some of the other games in this market.

What you are asking for, or appear to be asking for, is a game of some description with a real-world marketplace, involving real money. You can make games using this kind of system without relying on such a heavyweight engine to power it, especially if it’s this market that’s supposed to be the core driver of your game. However, the expertise required is completely different. You need developers skilled in game design with a strong background in economics and game theory to make a system that’s fair and balanced, and you’ll probably fail because real-world economics is actually kinda difficult.

All of that’s a bit of a large ask for a small development company that has a completely different focus and minimal resources. It isn’t going to happen, definitely not before Battlescape launches.


cryengine for free.

“The most powerful game development platform is now available to everyone. Full engine source code. All features. No royalties. No obligations. No license fee.”

still waiting for inovae engine to come out so i can invest my entire game development career to it people…


Well, you’ll have a while to wait yet

cryengine != inovae’s engine

Why wait with the whole dedicating your whole game dev career on the inovae engine, when there are multiple cryengine games already out there which do exactly what you want I:B to be? To me it sounds like the engine that fits your need best is the cryengine anyway, with a proven track record of creating virtual worlds where people can earn their living from playing around in them. Galaxy creation is possible in Cry Engine (as shown by SC and other games), so you can start right now, creating your perfect world, using a well-documented and accomplished engine.

Yes irn4l, build your real cash economy universe game now, what are you waiting for? Everybody wants a real cash economy universe game, the world is truly waiting for real cash economy games. Its what people crave. They want to invest real world cash into a game economy. Build your game with real cash, we are waiting. :slight_smile:


Well at least he is consistent. He tried the same crap in the Elite Dangerous forum…

guys, im not just gona copy paste entropia in the same engine. besides you guys have a long wait for me to build my own game, first, i think im to young to be dev, i feel i have a few more years to be a gamer, then i have to learn a not so well documented engine (dont lie to people) then i have to build alone a game that gona compete with offices of people that sell games like garbage. probably from 10 years from now i finish it. unless keith changes his mind of corse, and makes the video game i always dreamed of first and i wont need to be a dev cause i can live my life beeing a gamer.

Only a small portion of people who play a “real money economy” game will ever make any money at all let alone make a living off it. What makes you think you would be one of those people?

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