Angels Fall First or other multiplayer space dog fight games

Sooo the game has entered early acces on steam, and although it is laggy for some people (depending where they live), it works and isn’t a total desaster (unlike certain other games). Since there is no kickstarter yet (I was betting on the first of october as the ks start >,<), we might as well wait for it while playing some rounds blowing each other apart.

So the question is: Who is interested, who has bought into the Early access? Or who knows, maybe you have an alternative that you would like to suggest?

My experience with Early Access is that it will kill the enjoyment for you with a 80% chance that you will have no interest in the game when it actually releases. You can always, buy it on Alpha special, play an hour and forget about it until it comes out, then you might have some interest when it does eventually release. :frowning:

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That’s certainly true of some Early Access games. However, others, like Prison Architect, have managed to take up rather significant chunks of my time.

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I snagged AFF, but I haven’t had a chance to play it yet.

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I went through the tutorials. It’s definitely interesting.

The graphics look dated, and could do with an overhaul before release. The starflight feels like a mixture between realistic and arcarde, but it does allow you to switch between atmospheric and newtonian flight models at will (similar to the ICP), but this isn’t particularly reflected by the animations or the models themselves.

The meat of the starfighting instances seems to revolve more around boarding and disabling the enemy ships rather than solely space combat, which makes it somewhat similar to Battlefront 2’s space scenarios. The corridors on the ships are narrow and confusing, which is what I’d expect, but might make boarding a bit difficult. Definitely looking to play it some more though.

If you want someone to play with in a group, I’d be up for it.

About the boarding mechanics: I think it is well suited for large groups of players. If you have a team of lets say 8 guys, you can fully man a large destroyer, including patrols that suppress those who board the ship and engineers who repair the ship. Since it is a game for (so far) up to 64 players, it seems like a reasonable choice to have multiple large ships together with small ones. Gives it a bit of an air buccaneers twist (which, funnily enough, also started as an unreal mod, although ut2004 not ut3).

Oh yeah, I’m sure it’d be a lot better with more people, and I’m definitely going to do some multiplayer at some point.

Interesting. I just stumbled upon this independently via scott manley and I really like the look of it. It brought back battlefront 2 vibes which I had a great time with. The selling point for me might be the ground/planetside based fights with what appears to be dropships being able to drop tanks. If squad/teamplay like that can be coordinated and done easily that would be awesome.

It should be possible if you have voice chat like ventrilo/mumble/TS/Skype/Steam Voice/discord/…

My only pet peeve so far is the ui. I find it not appealing, but lo n behold, it is early access, so what can you expect.

Of course I do. Who doesn’t these days? :smiley:

How else would I coordinate my flights on battlescape as well :wink:

Speaking of which… we should definitely set up an Infinity Discord server :smile:

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Only question: Where? You can set up a server in Amsterdam, London, some_american_place, I_think_australia_is_also_in_there_somewhere and china I think…

London is a fairly central place for these kinds of things.

I’m happy to set-up a server for the community if that’s the kind of thing that would interest people. It doesn’t really offer much benefits over Steam though, other than the ability to have different rooms and a persistent chat.

Ok, there’s some advantages.

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Scott Manley did a piece on AFF a few days ago.

I should probably play this game at some point, given we created the Discord Server (in part) to play it


A nice mature 8 month necro, how would you like that sir, medium-well? :slight_smile:


On the bright side, necroing this thread allows for people who have gone a tad inactive to see that there’s something relative to the game. For example, I am currently just paying attention to weekly updates (waiting for the pledge upgrade system to be completed, so I can finally upgrade to dev tier and join everyone), so I would’ve completely missed this if it weren’t for the notification icon.