Alpha play-test week-end: issues or feedback

Just as some extra feedback Keith, I have just updated the launcher, which seemed to go fine. It updated once (a larger one), then updated a second time (a quicker one) to the current version. Note - after the first update, my firewall did flash up asking if the Launcher could have permission, and I accepted. I can now see:

Now, when I click upgrade to patch the game, I see:

Which seems a bit odd to me, as we’ve never had this before. I’m thinking I will wait before restarting until I hear some further feedback on this.

Probably a bug that a number of people have been experiencing. I’m uploading a new installer build right this second so try again in ~10m.

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Nevermind, just found another bug that prevents the new installation updates from being downloaded lol. It’s 3am so I won’t be able to fix until tomorrow, I need sleep =(.


Appreciate your efforts Keith! Don’t want you getting less sleep than the baby :wink:

Keyboard mapping doesn’t work like it was described in quick start or default keyboard mapping. To start playing you must press ESC not Enter. And I can’t figure out how to start Warp. TAB brings scores.

When I wanted to start a client I’ve got the error, but when I define a shortcut to run as administrator, the game started.

F9 is also the new toggle to view the control scheme (which has been updated)

Hold down one of the radial menu keys, V (I think) and hover mouse over the Warp option :slight_smile: It has changed from just hitting Tab since the UI was updated.

I would like to be able to choose a ship before respawning. Yesterday I managed to kill only one enemy and died shortly after with no time to select a bomber, wasting my earnings. Maybe the interceptor should be free?

Also I second @Wargrim’s comment on balance and hit detection.

Update: I played it safe, closed the launcher, then restarted my PC from the start menu. Launcher is now downloading the patch for the game! So it does seem to work after a restart.

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Thank you.

I did much better today, climbing quickly from interceptor to corvette. Firing up close helps a lot.

I wish ships would not drift around after spawning in hangars, it is pretty annoying to end up in a corner…

I’ll report an insignificant detail : in the launcher, when presenting the patch note, please take into account mouse scroll :slight_smile:

I love the corvette! Now it has turrets, it is great at blasting interceptors and bombers to smithereens. I like that the dual firing controls either top or bottom guns, meaning there are blind spots in the firing arcs that make you think about your angle.

I also like that the corvette feels lethal in small skirmishes against fighters, but in a large battle it is more of a challenge. I found that if the enemy fighters ganged up on me, I didn’t last long, and the same when a destroyer got me in its sights!

The bases look great so far!

Interceptor feels good as well. I still think a tiny gimbal might be appropriate - but huge thanks for the increase in energy. It’s much less frustrating now. Also… is it turning quicker? (By turning, I mean changing the direction of travel, not simply rotation speed).

Suggestion: I would like the mouse control (indirect mode) to re-centre itself when freelook is activated. The number of times I forget to put the mouse back in the middle of the screen before looking around… I discover I’m still turning and not sure where the centre point is to stop the turn - so switch back to cockpit view to stop it.
Then again, the whole “control during freelook” needs work anyway.

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I tried to play today with my Xbox One controller but could not get it to work.

I tried some different layouts and the game did detect my controller. However, I could not fly the ship or start the engine.

The in game menus are still only accessible trough the mouse.

  1. Select a controller config scheme as well as controller input device.
  2. Try powering up the ship the usual way. Using the mouse and keyboard.
  3. Press F4 to switch to direct control mode. In the default “Target” (Virtual Joystick) mode the game does not register rotational, Pitch and Yaw from an input device other than mouse and keyboard.
  4. Try your controller.

I did not try this! You would be the first one to declare it working. If Flavien did adjust all the config files to the new patch it should work. Please report back if it does.

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If anyone needs extra motivation to play this (why would you?), here is a tasty battle (worth 1000000 words)!


They will sometimes float away after you’ve powered up and then powered down but not beforehand. At least I’ve never experienced that behavior.

I just finished playing a bit. Here is my feedback:

  • Great work and it’s fun to play
  • Need auto warp capability to pick a target and have the drive speed up then down to arrive near the target. It takes to long to get back into the fight with all the speed up and slow down turn around again, again. This took me a while to figure out when starting the game and as a new player was the most negative experience. It really is a barrier for me to keep playing is trying to get somewhere.
  • Fighters are fun
  • Big ships are even more fun
  • Excited to be able to rearm and refit then fly back to battle in cruiser
  • I loved the feeling of the small ships and getting more power with the large ones
  • Need some way to have point defenses on the larger ships to shoot at small fighters

Still can’t install the game.

Keeps asking me to reset pc to install. Please fix before end of weekend!!

Played Bomber and Corvette for a bit. Unlike the Interceptor, they currently work well. Still die in seconds when a capship focuses them though.

My top 3 frustrations (especially when playing Interceptor):

  • The bug that constantly keeps deselecting your targets. Screws up navigation modes AND makes you waste your damage potential/makes it impossible to finish off fleeing targets in the large fights.
  • Hostile Capships camping the spawns. As the Interceptor needs longer to kill a target, you can do LESS hit and run than the other ships cause you need to stick in fights, and Capships become more likely to intervene.
  • Very inconsistent damage when fighting with the Interceptor. Especially compared to the damage coming back from AI Inties. It pretty much always comes in deadly bursts leaving you no time to dodge. And you can keep hitting hitting hitting for little to no effect sometimes.

So after playing through several sessions here are my first impressions…

Planets are stunning to fly down to surface on and dogfighting in atmo is awesome although the sliding around in atmo flight is kinda weird. The game is of course very basic and unfinished in its current state but i did have some fun shooting stuff. The big ship fights you die really fast when ships gang up etc. The warp system i know is going to be further looked into and refined but i would agree with a previous poster that it is really rough and takes a while getting back into the fights, maybe be able to choose spawn points at each of the planets stations.

Performance wise the game ran great and i think i was getting every bit of 140fps most times on a 1080ti and 4790k at 4.8 and even my laptop with a 960m and i7 was totally playable and smooth so that was really nice. I would say i thought that flying with keyboard was not bad but i would love to be able to use my dual stick hotas setup on it. The flight model doesnt seem that ready for dedicated setups atm and even though its full newtonian and i slide around it doesnt feel quite right with the inertia atm. I am sure that some work can be done to further smooth and refine it.

Overall i am having a good time but i miss the tree’s that we have seen on previous videos being enabled. I know this will be further fleshed out and i have high hopes for this game being stunning on release. What are the features being released with the alpha?

Here is a link to one of my streamed sessions…not much combat just admiring the beauty of the planets :smiley: