2017 Predictions and News (casual thread)

Happy New Year everyone! As we know, 2016 brought quite a lot of high-profile… surprises! So here’s a little game:

Step 1: What do you predict for 2017? This can be as daft or realistic as you like!

Step 2: Through the year, post some things that actually happen (and see if your prediction comes true!)

It’ll be a slow burn thread, but after last year, who knows what could happen next? :smile:

I predict Brexit will mean 48% of Britain subsequently votes to join a test flight to Mars because we’ve had enough. This will closely be followed by a large number of Americans once Trump has had a couple of months in office, leaving the people of Earth to ponder where it all went wrong!


After a earth shaking investigation, it was revealed that it was the combined effort of NASA and ESA that got us Trump and Brexit!


Happy New Year… Meh.

Step 1 : More terrorism, pushed and financed by some Arab and Western countries as a ruling and/or geo-strategic tool(s).
Step 2 : See step 1.


The amount of crying about Trump dies down.

Maybe the start of sending supplies to mars ahead of people?

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Oh and… The success (?) of the Falcon Heavy demo flight mid-2017. That will be interesting to watch…

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That will be mandatory to ensure redundancy and security of the manned mission as you may know… If you haven’t read “The Case for Mars” by Robert Zubrin, go ahead, great read ! :slight_smile:

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Happy new Year everyone!


Come on, it’s just a new year. losmor done without pathos and sarcasm

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It just occurred to me that maybe 2017 will be a year of opposites, like a pendulum swinging from one extreme to another!

Perhaps all those celebs who passed away will rise again…


Sorted from likely to unlikely (unless there’s only one allowed per person?):

Nintendo’s Switch will inadvertently push the sales of the remaining WiiU, Turns out that the Switch is running on customized Samsung Galaxy Note 7 units (customized meaning decoupling the battery from the unit and putting a proper battery somewhere safe which then just connects to the note 7 via the usb port for power supply).

I will manage to take a proper picture of a starry night sky using the iso 100 setting

Trump won’t actually become president, which shocks everyone, mostly himself.


I predict that Trump will not actually cancel the F35 program.
I also predict there will still be humans alive at the end of 2017.

Other than that, I’m not sure.

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I predct… a riot!

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I’m just wondering when Theresa May will shed her skin to take her true form as Emperor Palpatine


HOW DID I NOT SEE THIS? But does that mean the opposition is led by Corbyn Kenobi? Obi-wan Cornobi?


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Oh yes, the easy one. The theatrical success of Star Wars Episode 8…

i predict a productive journey of self improvement for the user known as mattk50

he will then die later in the year after a dangerously escalated argument about :pineapple::pizza:


Hard to think this hasn’t been mentioned yet… #Battlescape2017


Someone will go to talking heads and make them prove what there saying. After much maiming and irreversible disfigureations (spelling) the news becomes something that can be trusted regardless of witch source is giving it. Anyone who says “I have no evidence I just beleave (spelling) it” is shot on sight.

Hawaiian Pizza is by far the best pizza


Or perhaps a Silurian from Dr Who :stuck_out_tongue: