[09-11] Sunday Dev Livestream pre-stream communication and wrap-up

I still think the full title is important. Some will be drawn by the clickbaity part, some will recognize the name.

Is the “:” that important in “Infinity:Battlescape” atm? Doesn’t it work as good with Infinity Battlescape in this case

Well the post thumbnail will literally be the logo as that is the stream thumbnail.

I’m a firm believer in consistency. Stylisation of a title is no exception.

“Dogfights, amazing technology and pretty planets; Infinity: Battlescape developer stream is live now!”

Is fine by me.

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I like that, run with it

I will quell my pedantic urges, for now.

Also I’d say only post after we are sure the stream is stable and ready.
Don’t wanna post a link to “please stand by”

mm, one of my fears is that they will open the stream and it will work fine for 3 minutes but after that it’s down for 20 or something >.<

It worked fine yesterday, you just don’t link to it too soon is all.

Updated op with info on reddit thread title so we are all set I guess.

Stream went live now, just logo atm but it is live!

(and no, I won’t put up the reddit post just yet)

Yeah wait for actual content to begin then post!

I’ll update OP once you do!

Probably best to link the Twitch stream as well, just for preference: http://www.twitch.tv/catastrovi

Reddit is one link per post so maybe as a comment?

I’ll post that link in the reddit comment section as well when I’ve done the reddit post

i can’t find the reddit, is it online right now (the streaming)?

We’re waiting to post it until the stream actually got content in it

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Not yet posted, when flavien actually begins playing we will post!

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Posting now then