[09-11] Sunday Dev Livestream pre-stream communication and wrap-up

So the livestream is going up at 3PM EST it’s going to be a lot of fun to watch but we need to help the guys to get more viewers in so we need to:
A) Choose someone that can post a good post on r/gaming and then upvote it when it comes up, upvoting is VERY important or else it just won’t be picked up and a great opportunity will be wasted
B) Tweet about this in unison
C) Defo post it on the KS page

Devs need to:
A) Include the link to the KS on the stream description! (wasn’t there yesterday, but maybe because it was a test?)
B) Make sure the stream is archived so people can watch it later too.

So let’s start prepping because time is almost up!

"Dogfights, amazing technology and pretty planets; Infinity: Battlescape developer stream is live now!"
it’ll reside on www.reddit.com/r/gaming/


Be ready to upvote!


This is the most important thing. Even if there are not many live viewers, the ability for more people to watch it later will be invaluable.

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I guess I could make a reddit thread, just give me a nice title to put in it

Keep it simple.

“I-Novae Studios is live streaming Infinity: Battlescape now!”

It’s gonna be the same channel as yesterday right?

this one: https://www.youtube.com/user/InfinitySupport/live

Yes, but don’t post until it’s live.

Ofc not, I’m keeping an eye on it and when it goes live I’m going to post it.

BTW Is this your first reddit post or have you been a regular there?

Do people over there even care about the poster’s rep?

Regular, I’ve been active in most of the infinity reddit threads as well

Not really, though some people like to go into the posters history to see if they are hypocrites or something like that sometimes

This while obvious to us says nothing to random redditors, you have to add some info to it.

"Dogfights, amazing technology and pretty planets: Infinity: Battlescape developer stream is live now!"

Someone might improve on it but make the name say something to someone who doesn’t know the name of the game.

I am mostly worried by someone new posting and beign blocked as spam because they are a new user.

Yeah I thought about it both ways, figured it would be best to just be as clear and succinct as possible and let people know up front the who and the what. But I don’t know how redditors think.

They usually don’t click those though and that is the problem.

What I mean is they see a name they don’t know and they just skip it because most people are lazy to google what it is, they just move on. If you tell in a few buzzwords what they might see on the stream they might click because well maybe they like space or technology.

Ugh, I didn’t realise daylight savings time had ended. Stream starts at 4AM for me.

Tough timing.

@bikkebakke Do you agree with me on the name?

The double colon is a little odd. Dash instead?

Ye, I was also thinking in the same way that WE know what battlescape is and everything but many people on reddit probably don’t know anything about it and therefor won’t bother to look unless there’s some clickbait in it

Maybe just Battlescape instead of Infinity:Battlescape for a shorter title?