[09-11] Sunday Dev Livestream pre-stream communication and wrap-up

Yes, tell me when you are done!

done - 10 character limit

Reddit thread posted search the title on r/gaming and upvote!

My screens right now:

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also it is posted here https://www.reddit.com/r/Games/new/

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Good to see so many watching.

Stream just ended. Reddit post on /r/gaming got all the way to the bottom of the frontpage of it. Got shadowbanned on r/games/ … yey?

160 views on the stream for most of the time. 200 during the last 45 minutes. 230 top.

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Way better than yesterdays top of just about a 100 people or so!

We need an Angry Joe livestream soon. And something live or pre-recorded by Chris Roberts.

I think that only a Angry Joe video would tip the scale in Inovae’s favour by quite a bit

@TheCoach maybe change the thread title now that it’s over?

Here’s the achievement:

KS currently at: 234’869$

…360p. Sigh.

I just posted a nice HD video I recorded during the live stream on reddit r/gaming, seach in new for “Laser battle on a mars-like planet” if you want to give it an upvote.
Heres a direct link:


Wait a little. Youtube needs more time to process higher qualities. Stream was in 720p.

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Woot, up in HD now! :smile:

Funniest part “umk, I’m done with that”.

@Hutchings that was pretty hilarious of you.