Your preparation for the Star Wars VII movie

Good morning, commanders!

Only very little time is left until the new Star Wars movie comes into our cinemas. Besides the fact I am 25 years old, I am as excited as a little kid. Unfortunately I’m forced to watch the movie three days later after release so 3 days without 9gag, Twitter, the Internet (the least thing I want to experience is a big-ass spoiler) :frowning:

How to you prepare for the movie? Have you a special ritual to celebrate this event?

I got a Star Wars T-shirt and avoiding any chatter about the movie.

Watching Episode I-VI with friends. Preordering tickets. Playing some Elite Dangerous. :wink:

Watching the episodes I-III is quiet special when everybody shamelessly mocks the movies. :stuck_out_tongue:


I hope you know the very famous fan theory about a certain character from Episode I - III. It gives the whole block a complete new vibe. :yum:

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There’s only one thing I don’t quite understand with the theory: how can he use the force and not be sensed by the Jedi, especially when they’re very close?

I mean, ok, he certainly learned to scatter his “force presence” same as Palpatine did, but that doesn’t mean the Jedis can’t sense the use of the force, such as an enhanced leap or a mind persuasion.

I’ve stayed clear of overanalyzing the movies. Are you talking about Jarjar being the ultra-mega-super Sith Lord? ^^

Although it looks like a great movie and I’m old enough to remember watching episode IV when it came out, I’m too mentally scarred from the prequels to get very excited about episode VII.


@Burny Yes, here’s some explanation:

@Crayfish Better have no expectations, this way you don’t fall that hard if the movie fails to impress you and you get pleasantly surprised if it does.

His main power is mind tricking everyone, even top Jedis. I love that theory.

I’m not really hyped for Star Wars VII. That make it a lot easier. I don’t prepare, I just plan to go watch it like any other movie. A friend watched all movies in the last month and I sat trough some with him. But other then that, nothing really.

It made me realise that I’m not really a Star Wars fan. Even if I like most parts of the movies.

I’m far more hyped for new IPs. I’m really looking forward what new characters they introduce in SW VII. Don’t care for the old ones, though. Fan Service mostly only brings out uninteresting stuff … we’ll see.

… I watched Episode IV on VHS recently…


A friend of mine got me a boxset of ‘the first three films’ on blue-ray for my birthday.
Unfortunately they didn’t know anything about star-wars so I had to pretend I was happy to be given the prequels instead of the original trilogy.

I didn’t even know you could get an ‘Episodes 1-3 box-set’ before then. I especially don’t know why you’d want to sit down and watch it.

Oh come on, there are a couple good scenes between the three prequels! Darth Maul fight, Obi-Wan vs Anakin, … :stuck_out_tongue:

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Dragged out the old Wookiee suit, Stormtrooper helmet, utility belt and Lightsaber; in fact I’m wearing them now as I type this. I for one love each and every Star Wars movie - I loved Wookiees without pants, the whole Jedi religion thing, R2-D2, the reediting to make it look like Hans solo didn’t shoot first, the political intrigue, Yoda and every single alien that came out of Star Wars. Hell, I even loved Jar Jar Binks! But one thing that irks me is Luke kissing his own sister and liking it. WTF? Anyway, no great expectations because people are going to find things they don’t like about Star Wars - one of the hazards of trying to make a movie for children of all ages. Besides, the Star Wars movie opens on my birthday and I already have tickets. I just hope it isn’t too hot in the theater for this Wookiee suit.

Saw this guy on the street not too long ago;

Looks like he’s pretty psyched! :grinning:


Gf and I will be wearing Darth Vader/Stormtrooper onesies to the showing :smiley:


I celebrate the movie by not watching it.

Doesn’t make sense? I agree.

I will probably go and see it some time next week.


My final preparations: I’ve unsubscribed from /r/starwars over on reddit and will avoid any and all Star Wars news until tomorrow midnight. Soooon… :smiley:

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So… no spoilers in this thread because of email notifications and so.

I liked it, although there were a few things that didn’t quite fit. I recommend watching it in case anyone is on the fence. And for the fans: absolutely worth watching. :smiley:

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I would propose: everyone who even tries to pull out a spoiler should get a permanent ban from the forums. Period. By the way, this is my last post until Sunday, I’m done with the Internet for now (to avoid any kind of slight spoiler)