You should update the news and press section, another youtuber made a vid about i-novae!

here is the video

Just thought you should know, really because coverage on this thing is so rare that all reviews are worth mentioning.

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Nice find :slight_smile: Trawling through the comments, there seems to be a pretty positive reaction to it so far too! Bonus! If you get the Youtube crowd hooked, your publicity is pretty much done for you… :stuck_out_tongue:

Yup, it’s just up to more content producers to find it.

I was going to criticize whoever was stupid enough to make a review for something that doesn’t exist, but the video isn’t a review, just an overview of whats happening at I-Novae.

Cool i suppose. I have no idea why you saw fit to call it a review though.

Maybe a preview?
edited the title

Call it a heads up. All the guy did was bring up the existence of the engine, give a little backstory about about it and the devs, inform his viewers of the upcoming KS for Battlescape, and talk a little bit about procedural generation.

It’s neither a review nor a preview.

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Ya still glad I saw it.


Honestly I’m surprised to see that a google search for news on Infinity, I-Novae, or I:B will bring up no relevant results at all.

The best way to find Infinity on Google is through Wikipedia. And that is recent!

There can be only one. Randomly chose PURPLE!!!