XML File for Oculus enabling

What happened to the configuration xml where we could enable the old oculus implementation?

I am asking because there are now wrappers available which allow us to play oculus sdk 0.6 and up games on the consumer version of the rift and the vive via revive.

It would be awesome to do that. :slight_smile:
Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Speaking of which, is there any way to use a Vive headset with the game at the moment? I understand that VR isn’t a high priority by any means, but just being able to look around a cockpit in VR would be awesome.

Currently not. The devs said official VR integration might come once the game is released and a success.

The only way it might work is if we can enable the old oculus integration and use wrappers to enable it on the vive. The wrappers now support the old oculus sdk from version 0.6 and up.
Unfortunatly the xml config file that let us enable oculus vr is now gone in the newer versions of battlescape.

You could try something like this:

(mind, this only supports the Oculus Rift)

It may work, but as far as I know no one tried it out yet.

If you set up the “mouse look key” and keep it pressed with some weight or software utility you can stay in that mode indefinitely and use a joystick to control the ships.

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If anybody is wondering:

VorpX does NOT work with Battlescape unfortunatly.
It seems the software isn’t able to inject into the game.


Any chance we will be able to enable the old oculus implementation again someday? Or is it gone forever?
It would be nice trying Battlescape with the vive/rift with the now available wrappers.

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I’m not sure what you mean by “the old oculus implementation”. Battlescape has never worked with oculus. At some point I had a version of the engine running on OVR but that was experimental. I wouldn’t say it’s “gone forever”, but the experimental version ran on an old version of the oculus SDK and the new one is completely different, so basically all the experimental code has to be scrapped. I don’t know when we’ll have the time to redo it, but it’s unlikely to be before the release of Battlescape.


Thanks for the reply. Yes thats what I meant.

Some guys released wrappers for the old oculus sdk 0.6 and upwards.

So my hope was that we could theoretically use those wrappers to play battlescape with the consumer rift/vive.
In the old versions of battlescape there was a xml file that had a line in it for “oculusvr=“true”” or something like that.
That gave me the hope that this was maybe functional at the time if we were to use an oculus dk1 and the old sdk or a new rift/vive with those wrappers.

Oculus, if he is accessible to all, we went all in glasses.:cold_sweat: