Worm Holes instead of Jump Drives

In Infinity Battlescape they plan to add jump drives but when looking at the tech level of the ships worms holes seem to be closer so I think instead of jump drives you should use like a Portal Fuel(I am bad at naming) that can open a worm hole through space that stays open for 1-3 minutes that the hole is around twice the size of the ship going through it and changes when a larger or smaller one does and the hole when looking at it you see the other side like a 2d 4th dimension(not knowing how to describe it). It would allow ships to not just jump out of battle but open a worm hole that the enemy can go in too which you cant open within 3km of a station and 1km of a capital ship 250m from a medium and 50m from a small. They open small and rapidly grow until around 8x the size of the opener and shrink around 10m a second which exellerates when held open by a larger ship, if it closes on a ship the ship will be destroyed mainly cut in half and the cut would split atoms making the whole ship explode with a shockwave of the ships particles that can destroy or hurt nearby ships which would make sparks that sense in space lost like 1/3 of a second maybe 1/2 max that would often reform from other small collisions looking like a firefly swarm that lasts maybe 10 seconds at most. The edges of the wormhole will extend and retract it wouldn’t hold a perfect sphere. The worms holes would be complex but be a very nice sight sense it forms a 3d like ball which each angle shows a different angle of the other side which the sides of it would be bent and distorted like this :

It may be sci-fi, but a jump drive seems more technically feasible with regards to the theoretical science than creating and directing wormholes at will, especially when it’s only for interplanetary travel. Even from a purely gameplay and/or development perspective, it seems a tad over-complicated for what they really need.

Who knows, maybe something for much later on, perhaps as a random event.

I oppose naming this wormhole as all I want for a system travel system is really really fast warp/“jump” (About 20 second travel time). I want to see ships zip trough the system.

A wormhole would be point to point and showing the ship zip trough the system would make no sense, as a wormhole does connect two points not trough normal space.

Although all the proposed wormhole effects could be applied to “jump” too. I think the idea isn’t new and was proposed alongside the others (warp/jump etc.) in the past.

Yes worms crawl out of holes in rainy weather, you want that spacecraft do the same? It’s impossible it in space.

Just for some kind of visual reference: Interstellar Wormhole

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Wormholes are theoretically suppose to connect between distant systems and galaxies - and since we are in a single system it doesn’t seem practical at least from a gaming standpoint. But should the DEVs add other systems. absolutely! Wormholes please. :heart_eyes:

If memory serves, wormholes will not be implemented while there’s no different solar system. Even the “wormhole” system can be open to debate.

While inside the solar system, I largely prefer the current jump drive: it lets you navigate freely and doesn’t slow you down, getting back to a “wormhole” portal if you went the wrong side.

Wormhole can teleport from planet to planet or system to system a wormhole is a other way zipping through a solar system is the warp drives but inovea studios said they want a jump drive with jump fuel to go planet to planet but a worm hole wouldn’t allow you to just like teleport with no way of following they would leave a closing portal that allies and enemies can follow making it also easier so just one ship sets the open location while the others prepair which would allow fleets to attack an enemy base without having each one set the location

Typically in scifi wormholes are environmental, either static or dynamic. I don’t think it makes any sense to go against the typical conventions, a jump is just a single man on the fly “wormhole”, a portal/bridge is the same for more ships, and a “gate/jumpgate” is a permanent artificial wormhole type thing.

Jump drives would be good for fast travel around solar systems, in which can be installed on any ship. wormholes on the other hand are extremely huge power drains and can not be placed on just any ship. my idea of a wormhole would be a black hole looking orb, since wormholes would basically be huge gravity wells light would be warped around it. as such huge gravity wells would not be good in a solar system(could alter the orbit of planets) it would have to be located far from any planets. the wormhole would open in two(rapidly cascading stages). stage 1, would be like a swirling lightning storm(deformed starlight), which would change into a whirlpool of spinning star light and as it forms the stars behind it warp to the edges, fading fast into an inverted orb(black hole) with the stars seemingly spinning around the outer edge. stage 2 is where you would fire an extremely powerful laser into the middle of it, the intensity of the laser would be the way to adjust the distance the wormhole would go. their wouldn’t be any change in the wormhole structure, regardless of how powerful the laser is.
at this point the ship(s) would approach the opening, and as you go though the starlight would rapidly change colors and seam to streak past, then blink out totally then reappear as you exit the wormhole on the other side.
keeping the wormhole open to long would cause it to destabilize and any ships caught inside would be stretched out over the distance the wormhole, down to the atomic level, and as the wormhole collapses, the particles are then flung into both ends of the wormhole leading to what would be like 50,000,000 atomic bombs detonating at the same time. just wouldn’t be good to be anywhere near it. so, wormhole travel would be the best and fastest way to get to places far away, but has a danger side to it as well.