Windows Phone and Windows 10?

Hi Kichae,
seems as if you got a windows phone. I never really liked this system until now, where I am experiencing Windows 10. Do you have any experience with windows 10 on mobile? And even more interesting: How is the interoperability of mobile and desktop with windows 10?

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Windows 10 on mobile is a buggy mess right now. “Technical Preview” appears to be Microsoft’s way of saying “alpha”. I installed it on my phone, discovered that it wouldn’t wake up after the screen timed out, pulled the battery, and then discovered that it didn’t detect my sim card. While trying to roll back to Windows Phone 8.1, I bricked the thing. So I really have no experience with the actual OS on phones. The was all on a Lumia 520, BTW. People with newer, or beefier phones have been reportedly been having a better time of things, but it’s still not worth testing yet unless you really like to do software testing and QA.

It sounds like it will have a lot of promise, though, for Windows 10 users once it’s fully baked.

Well, I really enjoy using windows 10 on my desktop at home every day. The only trouble I had was that I’ve bricked my installation by trying to install virtual box…
…well, the real problem then was, that I miss-understood a reset option, and ended up with a fresh C-Drive. At least I didn’t loose data-data (only organization data like my lightroom catalogue).

I tried installing the TP of Windows 10 on my laptop and no matter what I tried, it would get near the end of the installation, fail, and roll back to Windows 8.1! Very frustrating. What’s more, I think it’s affected my system restore settings, meaning I can’t even refresh back to a clean Installation.

So, not impressed so far, but I’m hopeful I might fare better with the release.

There is one thing, you really need for installing windows 10: TIME (not really your time, but patience)

When installing windows 10 on a VM it can easily take half a day just waiting. On a more powerful desktop, it should be installed after ~2h I think.

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I guess I’ve been pretty lucky with Windows 10 on my desktop. I haven’t had so much as a hiccup. It runs well, installed without any problems, and has generally been a delight to use. I’ve really enjoyed being able to run metro apps in actual windows, rather than full screen.

If I can figure out how to restore the boot loaders on my phone, I might try reinstalling Windows 10 on it just to see what the new features on offer are, but I’ve already burned a day on trying to fix it.