Will there be asteroids?

Hi all,

i am a backer since early 2017 and when i was whatching this video - showing early prototype footage - i was impressed by what there was already there. The scene where Flavien flys through the asteroid belt finally got me.

I am cautious following the development and watch videos that are released, but I haven’t seen any scene containing the asteroid belt ever again. So here comes my question and I am almost not daring to ask:

Will there be an asteroid belt as shown in the footage i mentioned earlier?



You’re not the only one who missed them, I have! Can’t wait for them to return.

They were removed from the prototype a little while back to be improved. Flavien has promised though that the planetary ring will be making a return!

Rings will come back when I have some time to investigate how to do server collisions with the asteroids ( in a performant way ).
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It was my favourite location in the pre-alpha prototype, so hopefully they will return better than ever.


It’s on my schedule for the beta. Although at a lower priority, so it might get delayed after beta if I can’t get the rest done in time.


Must resist to mention clouds an water…