Why not land on google stadia?

why not land on google stadia? I know that at first glance my speech may seem crazy, but in my opinion releasing the game on google stadia can be a wise choice. battlescape is a fantastic game, but let’s face it, the game has a pretty big problem, there aren’t enough players. this is due to the great variety in the pc market and the poor visibility of the product. so why not release the product on a platform that has great hardware potential but still few games and almost all the same? battlescape on stadia would be a totally different game from all the others present, on that platform it would have a lot of visibility and people willing to try the title without hardware limits. in addition, at this moment google is struggling to find new games to be included in the catalog and certainly would not refuse a space game on its store, especially with the competition of sim spaces that are elsewhere.
what do you think?

Google does not release Early access games on Stadia.

IB is already a game that struggles with stream quality due to the bitrate vacuum that is large battles… it would not do well on a service where you can only play the game remotely, through streaming.

Stadia just sucks in general though. Between the input lag that affects anything realtime, how far they turn down the graphics on their local machines, inability to use complicated peripherals (space 6dof games and complicated joystick setups go hand in hand) it basically kills it outright.


Yup Stadia sucks hard. There is also Nvidia’s Geforce Now, which from my limited time with it worked adequately well to play some Destiny2 and FarCry5. There is definitely a noticeable lag, which I personally found to be small enough so that I could get adjusted to. If only you could still install pretty much any steam game on Geforce Now…