Who is Kimmo Kotajärvi

The latest tweet on the main web page is from @inovae_kimmo. I’m just curious when he came aboard the team.

Also, is Jan and Kristian still around?

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He commented on the newest video. Stating that he is now part of the team. I posted this info on here but decided to delete it again and wait for I-Novae to make the anouncement.

Here’s his Google+.

Kimmo is a coder we added in April of 2014. He has been focusing on improving/updating the art toolset and providing the artists with engine demos which we use to further advance the art pipeline as well as prototype/test/develop various engine systems & features.


You mean @InovaeKimmo?

(If you’re reading this Kimmo, come say hi! We don’t bite, much :wink:)

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*don’t bite too hard


Hi guys! I’m indeed working on the engine along Flavien and Keith now, currently focused on getting that KS out of the door :wink:


I’ve actually turned into a skellington and/or possibly a ghost.